VacuumSpot is the most recent chapter in the long vacuum cleaner romance of us, Alec and Kerry Nelson.  We met thirteen years ago selling vacuum cleaners door to door, but quickly moved on to the green, green pastures of online retail.  We learned quickly that offering support in the way of advice, spares and parts for the household vacuum owner was far superior to flogging new machines to strangers who didn't need or want them. Providing quick, easy vacuum cleaning solutions keeps happy customers and healthy vacuum cleaners.  

We take pride in making sure that vacuum cleaners here in Australia, and around the world, are always on the road and ready for action. In one form or another, we have been offering this online service for over a decade, and will continue to find better ways to serve you and your vacuum cleaning needs well into the future.

Alec & Kerry Nelson

Until recently, we operated the two branches of our business from separate locations.  As of January 2013, we have consolidated our work, bringing the vacuum maintenance and repairs side of our business to operate from our Melbourne warehouse right alongside our online sales. Our website is our main avenue of trade.  It is hosted in Sydney, maintained in Melbourne, and used worldwide  

We have a small team of dedicated staff who live and breathe to help you with all your vacuum needs.  Each member of our friendly team can provide you with expert advice on all aspects of vacuum maintenance.  With over ten years experience in vacuum cleaner retail, service and repair, we can help you with simple tips on fitting your vacuum bag, choosing the right vacuum floor tool or replacing your vacuum filters.  On top of that we will happily provide guidance on advanced vacuum repairs such as installing a new vacuum motor, swapping a vacuum circuit board, or replacing a vacuum handle.

We do our utmost to connect with you.  We offer support to technicians, repairers, and ordinary people with a fettish for DIY.  If you need technical support for a vacuum repair you are puzzling over, take a look at our YouTube channel VacuumSpot. We try to cover as many problems as we can and upload the solutions regularly. If the vacuum help that you need is not there, put us to the test. Contact us so we can impress you with the speed of our response.  We love showing off, and You Tube vidoes are a fun and easy way that we can do just that!  

We are also happy to parade our vacuum knowledge on Twitter. You will find us on Twitter on @VacuumGuru , where we give vacuum help and advice, as well as posting regular links to interesting vacuum news (yes it exists!) as well as links for when we are hiring for website related work or SEO. Being the social butterflies that we are, we also have a VacuumSpot profile on Facebook, so come and join our little group.

If you need to ask us a question about anything to do with Vacuum stuff, choose whichever means you like ... we can even talk old-school on the telephone!!!  (03) 94661146.

Just for those that stayed reading here is a little bonus video :)