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5 Things Pet Lovers Should Look for in a Vacuum Cleaner

Australia is a nation of pet lovers, but however much you might adore your furry family member, chances are you’re less enamoured with having pet hair all over your home.

Pet hair not only makes the place look untidy, it can be a health hazard, especially if you have family members or visitors to your home who are allergic to pet hair or dander.

Good cleaning practices and the right vacuum cleaner can go a long way towards keeping your pet’s hair under control. If you’re a pet lover, here are five features you should look for in your next vacuum cleaner.

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Posted Fri Nov 18 2016 03:24

How You’re Shortening the Lifespan of Your Vacuum Cleaner

The humble vacuum cleaner is often taken for granted. Most of us rely on this essential piece of household equipment, but like any other appliance, it can wear out before its time without the right care and maintenance.

Vacuum cleaner motors, filters and fan blades are all vulnerable to wear and tear, and having to constantly replace your machine can be expensive.

If you’re keen to protect your investment and keep your vacuum working well for longer, here are a few mistakes you should avoid.

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Posted Fri Nov 18 2016 03:05

Bagged Vs. Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

If you’re planning on getting a new vacuum cleaner, deciding whether to choose bagged or bagless is one of the biggest choices you will have to make. While it might not sound like a big deal, there are significant differences between the two and the best option for you will probably depend on a number of factors. Here is a run down on the main differences between the two...

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Posted Tue Oct 11 2016 05:23

6 Tips to Reduce Dust in the House

There probably aren’t too many of us who would say they love dusting, but dust is one of those things that can build up very quickly - and it’s not great for allergies or our general health. But keeping your home clean and dust-free doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are six top tips to help you reduce the dust in your home.

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Posted Tue Oct 11 2016 05:14

How to Clean a Vacuum Cleaner – and Other Useful Tips

Even if you’re not a fan of housework (and how many people are really!) you can appreciate that tools need regular cleaning in order to maintain their condition – and a vacuum cleaner is no exception. Regular maintenance will help keep your vacuum cleaner in top shape, whether it’s a budget model or a top-of-the-line design. From unblocking the hose to cleaning the filters, here are a few tips to ensure your vacuum cleaner lasts as long as it should.

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Posted Fri Jul 29 2016 06:15

How to Select the Right Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners have come a long way over the years, and there is now a huge variety in terms of size and style, from bagless to cordless and even robot models.

Cordless vacuums are very popular. If you’re on the hunt for a cordless vacuum, here are some tips to help you choose the right one for your needs.

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Posted Mon Jun 27 2016 04:54

Choosing the Right Vacuum Cleaner for Your Home

There was a time when, aside perhaps from looking at a reputable brand, people didn’t pay a lot of attention to the model of vacuum cleaner they bought. But with advances in cleaning technology and so many styles and features now available, there’s a lot more to consider. So what should you think about when you’re on the hunt for a new vacuum cleaner?

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Posted Fri Jun 03 2016 02:07

Keeping Your Carpet Clean: 5 Vacuuming Gaffes to Avoid

Let’s face it – vacuuming should be easy, but every now and again we all make silly mistakes that have us running to our nearest repair shop in shame. Making simple blunders with your vacuum cleaner can not only damage the machine, but it can reduce the effectiveness of your clean, leaving a good part of the dirt and grime lingering in your carpets.

While carpets may look clean, they can hide dirt and dust beneath the surface and your vacuum cleaner needs to stay working at its best in order to pick up as much dirt as possible and avoid it getting around other parts of the house.

Here are five vacuuming gaffes to avoid in order to keep your carpet squeaky clean.

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Posted Fri Apr 08 2016 03:35

5 Tips for Dealing With Pet Hair on Your Carpet

You no doubt love your pets, but you’re probably less thrilled when they shed, leaving you forever trying to keep your carpet clean.

As well as being messy, pet hair can also shorten the life of your carpet and your vacuum cleaner.

Here are five tips for controlling pet hair in your home.

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Posted Wed Mar 16 2016 05:27

4 Essential Carpet Cleaning Tips

There’s nothing like the look of a good quality carpet. It oozes extravagance and feels luxurious. It can bring warmth to your home, and potentially add value. Carpet is a big asset – but also a big cost – so the last thing you want to do is get it dirty, dusty and smelly.

But life happens, so chances are it will get dirty, dusty and smelly at some stage. Keeping your carpet or rug clean can help maintain that luxurious look and feel, and also prevent harmful dust and allergens from hanging around in your home.

So what can you do to keep it clean? Here are four essential carpet cleaning tips to help.

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Posted Mon Feb 15 2016 00:36