The idea behind the move is to get all the Electrolux customer support staff in the one call centre to reduce costs and increase efficiencies. The actual deliveries are also going to be centralised and now we will see all our orders leaving the Adeliade warehouse. While this will mean orders will have to travel further to get our Electrolux Vacuum Bags to us I am hoping to see benefits outweighing the negatives. Part of the restructure will see us getting access to online ordering and live product inventory levels too. Currently we need to call our orders through to Electrolux for them to be keyed manually and we are told verbally of stock availability. With moving toward online ordering via a portal with real time processing and stock updates I would expect we are able to serve our own phone enquiries much more efficiently.

In particular I would expect to see improvements in special order and new product enquiries. We love being able to sell more obscure parts for customers that are not available anywhere else. Being able to see stock availability while still on the phone would be a huge plus.  After an initial teething period I expect to see more efficient order processing from Electrolux and hopefully even faster delivery times. We are expecting to have a couple of weeks from 26th June to early July where there will be no deliveries from Electrolux while they change their warehouse location. I personally know how hard this can be since we moved our own warehouse interate about a year ago. We are stocking up on all our popular lines like the Electrolux Power Nozzle's so there will be no trouble from our end but for new product enquiries that we need to order specailly there will be short delays.