Anyone who knows me, or even the casual viewer of my videos will know there are a few things that really “get my goat”. My primary one of these is “Red Tape”. So please please don’t get me started on anything to do with bureaucratic  nonsense making progress artificially harder. This is my spontaneous definition so no need to point me to the relevant Wiki definition. Another thing that really bothers me is sales people so rushed to get a vacuum (in this case the Electrolux Twin Clean) into a customer’s boot they forget to mention any simple maintenance that will prolong the life of aforementioned machine. I know they all come with a manual but seriously who reads those? Basically you could have a top of the line Electrolux performing poorly and all you need is a set of Electrolux Filters For Your Z8240. Or you may need to be simply shown how to use the machines features properly, with this in mind I have made the below video to help you out.

Ahem, moving right along the most under explained vacuum in the last little while is the Electrolux Twin clean. This is genuinely a great vacuum when looked after correctly and when ignored it can be a real pain. If all you do is vacuum, empty the chamber and put it back in the cupboard I can almost guarantee you will be using a vacuum that is going to die early and not suck half as good as it should while its in use. Think of it like smoking for you or I. The analogy I am trying to draw here is between a smokers lungs and a vacuum filter when not cleaned properly. If you never suck up any dirt the filters will be perfect for an almost extremely long time however if you are going to use the vacuum to suck up dirt from the floor then the filters will get dirty. Kind of like your lungs should you decide to smoke, the difference is that the Twin Clean vacuum has a built in self cleaning feature where the average set of lungs has no such awesome feature.

The Electrolux Twin Clean and by this I mean ALL of them, use the same filters EF78 and EFH12w or the generic equivalent FILTS. The two cylinder shaped filters at the front of the vacuum are part number EF78, these are washable but in my experience after a few washes they begin to age pretty quickly. I would use the self cleaning feature each time I empty the dirt chamber and wash them every 3 months. If you are doing this then you will only need to replace the filters once a year. The exhast filter is shaped like a rectangle and needs to be tapped out every couple of months and also replaced once a year. Because the process will take a lot of words to describe (for me) I have made a video describing how to care for your twin clean vacuum instead.

By doing this very simple maintenance I can assure you the vacuum will not overheat, will suck significantly better, will last years longer and also cost less to run than if left alone.

Here is the complete list of machines the EF78 Filters suit.

**Z8210, Z8220, Z8230, Z8240, Z8245, Z8266, Z8273, Z8280, Z 8210, EL7055 EL7055A**