Having difficulties finding filters for your vacuum cleaner ?

No luck when it comes to getting answers from vacuum companies ?

Google is failing you in your quest for the perfect vacuum filter ?

Well, believe it or not, you’re not the only one who has been thrown head-long  into this unfortunate predicament.

There are millions of vacuum filter starved people out there. All pulling their hair after failed attempts at trying to procure just one filter for their beloved vacuum cleaner.


Dog pull hair


It’s sad news for the world of vacuums, but there are solutions to this problem.

What are we to do about it ?

The brutal truth is that there are countless vacuum cleaners out there whose filters are next to impossible to obtain. The availability of a vacuums filters is usually (but not always) directly related to the price of the vacuum cleaner. Cheaper generic vacuums are far less likely to have filter support when compared to a mid-range Electrolux vacuum cleaner.

Some vacuum cleaners are simply sold “as is” without the possibility of buying filters – or even bags !

But never fear! There are still possible solutions for those of us who are still struggling to find filters for our vacuum cleaner.


The first – and somewhat tedious - solution might be to sort through all the filter images listed on a vacuum cleaner website and then purchase a filter that most resembles the filter you need to replace for your vacuum cleaner.

For example, VacuumSpot  has a huge vacuum filter range with corresponding pictures for most of them too. 

Click on the following link to take you there – Vacuum Cleaner Filters

You will come across countless filters like the Generic Washable HEPA filter which might even suit  your  vacuum cleaner.


The second – and easiest - solution that we at VacuumSpot suggest is to consider the Universal Vacuum Cleaner Filter package.

The Universal Vacuum Cleaner Filter package consists of 2 large (135mm x 165mm) filter sheets that can be cut to size. Simply grab a marker and trace your old filter onto the Universal Vacuum Filter sheet, cut it out  and whamo ! You have a filter that you can place into your vacuum. 


Universal Vacuum Cleaner Filter


Find it here - Universal Vacuum Cleaner Filter


The result may not look pretty -depending on your tracing and cutting skills - but it will do the job when it comes to filtering out pre-motor dust and exhaust dust. Your vacuum will love you for it.


The third solution afforded to you is to contact us at VacuumSpot with any questions you might have pertaining to your Vacuum Cleaner. We at VacuumSpot have experienced staff that are more than happy to assist you in your quest to find just the right vacuum filter for your vacuum cleaner.

You can find our contact details here -  VacuumSpot Contact Details

So why not call (or email) us today ?

We’re waiting for you…


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