Dyson DC05, DC08, DC19 and DC20 YDK Vacuum Cleaner Motor (M048)

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This Product:
  • For Dyson vacuum cleaners
  • Single stage flo through replacement vacuum motor 1600W
  • Height: 108mm Base height: 46mm Diameter: 133mm
  • Generic vacuum motor for extra value
  • Thermal overload cut out 
  • 1.35kg package weight
  • Replace when needed
  • It is strongly recommended that you fit a new pre-motor filter when fitting a new motor

This Product Suits:

  • Dyson Barrel Machines DC05, DC08, DC19

VacuumSpot Supplies a Big Range of Vacuum Cleaner Spares

Dyson 05 Motor

I am greatly impressed with the replacement motor. It arrived in aprompt manner and I found it easy to install. The cost benefit of maintaining our existing Dyson far exceeds that of buying a new one and filling up landfill.
by Nathan 26 January 2017

Back from the dead

After 10 years of use my Dyson DC08 died with a bang. I had a look at the new models; but Dyson has moved it's manufacturing to another country and the internet reviews tell stories of poor quality of the new models. Also, the price is as high a ever at around $800! After watching a YouTube video made by the guy at vacuum spot, I realised it was easy to remove the old dead motor and install a new one. All I needed was a Torx15 screwdriver. So I bought a new motor from vacuum spot for $130 and a new filter, a T15 screwdriver for $10 from a tool shop online (vacuum spot should real start selling these too by the way) and it took me about 20minutes to complete the repair and give the barrel a good clean. It now works like it did when it was new and I've saved $600+ ;)
by Anthony 26 January 2017

replacement motor for DC05 dyson vac.

I am very pleased with the result, the utube video was really good, I watched it more than once following instructions and had no trouble at all, delivery of item was spot on.
a very satisfying result.
by Bill 14 December 2016

Everything is awesome

Fitted easily, seems to have even more punch than the original. Cleaner is very happy with the results.
by Daz 8 December 2016

Excellent Result

Replaced DC08 Vacuum cleaner motor, Filters and on/off switch.
Cleaned the radix unit watching the video
Prompt delivery
vacuum cleaner now works as new. Great suction
by Review by John 13 October 2016

From a novice handyman

Easy to follow video on youtube. Prompt delivery. Parts not cheap but worth the money.
by Gary 2 October 2016

Renewed vacuum life - thankyou

Saw the Youtube video and ordered the motor and filters. All arrived in a few days.
Had it installled in a flash and now have my dyson working as good as new. I am ecstatic that this option was available and able to be done at home - due to the informative video. Could not afford a new one and saves waste. An invaluable service, thankyou.
by Trudy 21 September 2016

Fast efficient service

Ordered DC20 Motor & Filters on line delivered within two days watched installation video on youtube - all went back together like clockwork - works like new
by PC 1 August 2016

First class

I am quite surprised and amazed at your excellent service. I think we expect good service so when things exeed the norm it becomes very noticeable. This kind of service is passed on to others because it outstanding service. Thank you very much. Alan Mills.
by Alan 18 July 2016

New Motor Needed

Hey guys,

This is a great service. Prompt item in the mail and combined with the Youtube videos, made it very easy to fit the new motor. New Dyson at a fraction of the cost.

Thanks again,

Peter H
by Hosko 13 June 2016

Super Service

Ordered DC19 motor.
Received fast and the swap went super easy with the Youtube video. Saved me a lot $$$.Thanks

by Tom 25 March 2016

Great service

I ordered a replacement motor for my DC19 after watching u-tube video. The removal was quite simple although I needed a torx screwdrive. Replacing the motor was also simple except getting the torx head screws back in. Would have been simpler with philips head screws.
by Stuart 7 March 2016

Great Service

Easy to order, quick delivery. I will be using this site for all Dyson spares.
by Dan 2 March 2016

Excellent - saved mega-bucks

We have a 10 year old DC08 which had a burnt out motor. Various quotes indicated that it would cosy mega-bucks to get it repaired, so we might as well buy a new one. Then I found Alec's YouTube videos and saw how easy it would be to replace it myself. It took just a few days for a new motor and filters and within a short time all was working again - better than before!
by PN 23 February 2016

Overseas customer

Purchased new motor & filters for my DC19. We are based in Dubai and couldn't find a source for these parts here and Dyson UK, gave the typical response of "probably time you should upgrade to a new vacuum". As we were heading home to Aus for a break, ordered the parts before we left, they arrived a few days after we arrived in Aus. Fitted as per the youtube video, once again life is good and our Dyson sucks.
by David 17 February 2016

A review of changing my Dyson Filters

I would like to thank the people at Vaccum Spot, for their help and assistance with the videos that were first class,.In a previous life I was a Maintenance Fitter and I prided myself on doing things the right way.So when it came to changing the filter on a DC08 ,
it was a piece of cake, and when it came to changing the motor was equally simple because of the way the technician showed in the video
My Dyson now is as good as the day it was purchased and I am so thankfull to your service engineer in showing me how easy it was , I was a little hesitant at first but he showed me that there was nothing to be alarmed about. So once again I am grateful for your help and assistance. Yours sincerely Reg Pearson
by Greyspike 44 5 January 2016

Vac motor replacement

Excellent service and Parts, Saved me at least a hundred,,, recommended service.

by Dryden 22 December 2015

Excellent Service

Found the video on or how to replace the DC08 motor by Vacuumspot. Didn't release it was so simple. Order parted, shipped within a week, fitted within 15 mins. Thanks so much, Saved from purchasing a whole new vacuum.
by Gavin 11 November 2015

Easy install new motor Dyson DC19

Prompt delivery of replacement motor (and new filter). Easy to install motor following excellent onlinbe video instructions. Under 30 minutes. Dyson now as good as new. Do wonder why Dyson who boast of their superior technology don't use brushless motors.
by Steve 24 September 2015

Very Happy.

YouTube clip was clear on what product we needed and how to fix it. We went from "about to throw it away" to fitting a motor and now vacuuming once more with our Dyson DC08. My husband was pretty chuffed - he felt like a Vacuum mechanic. Who would have thought it was so possible and easy. Thanks.
by Kath68 17 September 2015

Fantastic service, fast turnaround

After trying to source a new motor for my Dyson DC23 through a well known cleaner franchise and quoted over $250, it was great to find exactly what I needed at less than half the price. Arrived in 3 days, replacement a breeze by following the informative online video. Thanks guys, great service!
by Andy 6 August 2015

up and running

great service and much appriated.
by peter 30 July 2015

Dyson now running like new

Great service from Scott and Melissa....Aus Post delivered in 3 days this time....Well done...and to the Boss; Have a great 48th year. Regards Harry.
by Harry 17 July 2015

happy customer

Nearly bought a new vacuum cleaner before I found your website. Ordered the new motor on Friday, was dispatched the same day and delivered to Port Lincoln SA Wednesday morning.
My Dyson is working again and should last for many more years.
by Tony 6 July 2015

great - thanks

ordered the part & received quickly. Part fitted and working like new. thank you
by sarah 14 June 2015


Quick postage of parts as ordered. good price and parts. thanks a lot.
by clint 2 June 2015

Vacuum motor

Good deal easy to install is already hard at work.
by Lozza 9 May 2015


Great quick service thankyou so much. Floors are much cleaner, and vac is running like a dream. Thanks again.m
by 1701 27 April 2015

Fantastic Service

We ordered a new motor and new filters for our Dyson vacuum cleaner of 10 years.
After talking to a very nice person on the phone (Scott) who answered all of my questions with patience , I was pleasantly surprised about the knowledge this guy had about spare parts, origins and quality of their products.. This was customer service first class. The video on line was a big help for hubby to remove the old motor and put the new one in. Not only that ...but it only took 3 days to be delivered. Cannot recommend this company enough. Thanks very much again.
by Monika 22 February 2015

Dyson DC19

I repaired the vacuum cleaner for a widowed friend of mine who is struggling financially. Watched Alec's you tube video on how to change the motor and thought "you've got my business". Ordered over the phone and was offered the cheaper motor which was delivered within 3 days. I had to watch the video again to verify that I had the filters in the right way. The cleaner is reborn, works beautifully and I have a very satisfied lady friend. Plus I got the "brownie points" Thanks Alec and VacuumSpot. I have passed your card onto Cheryl for her future filter purchases.
by Jack 20 February 2015

Purchased replacement motor

After watching a couple of Youtube video's on how to replace the motor, and managed to come across Vacuumspot. Wonderful service, and even managed to arrange speedy delivery for anxious wife ! Vacuum now working as-new, however substantially cheaper than re-purchasing. Vacuumspot very easy to find parts, and very competitive.
by Andrew M 30 January 2015

excellent service

I'm very impressed with the prompt delivery, and service video. Very professional.
I'll certainly be back and have revommended to family and friends
by Stan 25 January 2015

Very pleased

I saw the video on youtube and ordered the product.
Easy to order and fast delivery.
by Wazza 8 January 2015

Dyson DC05 motor

my son has replaced my motor, now i can vaccum again with my Dyson. l just love it.
by Leeann 25 November 2014

Good prompt service

east website and prompt service - right part first time, reasonable price and prompt service.
all sorted the Dyson is back in service!
by Paul C 18 November 2014

new motor install

New motor turned up in 2 days after watching your video I had it changed out in 15mins runs perfectly once again. Thanks
by Dan 9 October 2014


Hassel free transaction
Motor arrived within 5 days
Easy change over
Now our old Dyson is just like new again
by Dave 8 October 2014

New motor

Prompt delivery of motor....works well thanks.
by Daniel 3 October 2014

Thankyou. Great Service

Ordered over the phone, took just over a week to be delivered to Central QLD. Had it fixed within 20 min of recieving it. Excellent.
by Locky 21 September 2014


Was thinking that I'd have to buy a new Dyson, thought I'd give buying a replacement motor a go first and I'm so glad I did. YouTube video easy to follow.
by Kat 21 September 2014


Excellent, saved heaps by doing a simple motor swap. You-Tube video was the best.
by Bayside Drew 8 September 2014

Motor Replacement DC19

Second time I have ordered from vacuum spot and both times service and delivery has been excellent. Very impressed with the prompt response.
by JL 28 August 2014

good as gold

ordered by phone, installed the next day.. runs new again.
thank's vacuumspot.
by levi 24 August 2014

Zoom Zoom

Ordered online.. no hassles , arrived fitted using the video and working well. Better than paying for a new Dyson !
by Roscoe 15 August 2014

Very happy, dyson like new again

Thanks our dyson is like new
by Carl 25 July 2014

Top marks Vacuum Spot!

We live in a small country town without appliance repairers,so when our Dyson DC19 came to a sudden stop I spent a lot of time vainly searching for the appropriate repair manual. I eventually found Vacuum Spot's web site and saw Alec's concise video on replacing the motor on that model.
It took me only about 15 minutes to remove the motor and about the same to replace it after receiving a new motor and exhaust filter from them a little over a week later.
Congratulations Alec and Kerry, for a business really well run!
by DonL 24 July 2014

These guys are great

after 11 years the motor on My DC08 fried itself, after a quick search and youtube video I decided that it was simple to buy and replace that motor. Step by step instructions on the youtube video made it a simple task, less than a week later its all up and running perfectly again.
by Tillo 27 June 2014

All Good!

Motor arrived on time and installed as it should - with help from the really clear online video. DC 20 working a treat now. Thanks.
by John 23 June 2014

Thank you vacuum spot for the parts and instructional YouTube video on how to install. We got it working in about an hour with no problems.

The motor and filters are great. The vacuum cleaner had been sitting in storage under the house so by changing the motor we got out favorite vacuum cleaner working again.
by VickiLemaire 29 April 2014

Happy with service- thanks

11 year old Dyson DC08 did a motor but all other parts were perfect. Found this company in a you tube tutorial showing how to replace motor. New motor arrived in the same week, easy to install following the video, now good as new!
by cmnailtech 16 April 2014

very pleased

This was my first ever online purchase and used Paypal.
The product arrived here in Fremantle WA within a week and thanks to Alex's video the new motor and filters were successfully installed same evening.
The wiring and connectors as Alex noted were a bit different but easy to figure out and the whole task proved to be very satisfying,
Thanks Vacuumspot

by jimsan 4 April 2014

Dyson DC08 Motor Review

Motor works great, video how-to was also extremely useful and helped save me a lot of time and broken bits (no doubt!) Tried it out today and works a treat! Thanks!
by Geoff 23 March 2014


Had no problems assembling the motor,piece of cake with the rest of the stuff, the video on u tube was very informative.
The machine goes well,as new in fact.
Thank you
by Lou Dorf 23 March 2014

Excellent delivery time, correct product, great YouTube "How To..."

Was quoted well over $350.00 by a well known vacuum cleaner supplier and repairer.

Ordered DC 08 motor online with Vacuum Spot $107.00 approx. all up delivery included.

Delivered inside a week.

Already had the YouTube loaded. Alec shows you how to remove and install motor very simply.

Can't fault Vacuum Spot and will tell everyone I know.
by Steve from Rosebud 10 March 2014

really appreciated the you tube video

I was very pleased to find vacuum spot when our Dyson had a issue. After watching the video and then taking apart the vacuum I realised I could do this and discussed the parts required over the phone and ordered on line.
All went smoothly and very happy to fix vacuum at a reasonable cost and hopefully many more enjoyable vacuuming to come.
by booga 3 March 2014

Great service

Ordered new motor, cable retractor for Dyson DC05, all arrived in a few days.
Dyson is humming along like a new one again.
by Steve 28 February 2014

Great Service

Thanks for the fast and efficient service when I ordered a new DC20 motor via the internet and prompt delivery from Parcel Post.

Many thanks also for the Youtube installation video which made for an easy replacement.

Keep Up The Good Work,

Barry Jarman, Palmwoods, Qld.
by Barry 23 November 2013

Terrific you tube video made the repair easy

Thank you for sending the parts through so quickly. I was about to throw my dyson out but came across your video and then decided to order through you. Its was a great idea, and for $100 or so I have a vacuum with new life. I probably would have just bought a new one for $600 but this was a much better way to go in the end
by Jatz 8 November 2013

Prompt Delivery

Ordered the DC19 motor on Sunday night and received in country vic on Wednesday.
Worked a treat!!!
by Al 26 October 2013

Dyson motor

I ordered the motor very easy and friendly guy to talk to fast delivery took 5-10 mins and it was in and going.Would reccomend to anyone .
by Robbo 27 September 2013

Dyson DC08 Motor too hard to get from original equipment manufacturer

Thanks Vacuumspot for selling these motors at a very competitive price but without the nausea that the original vacuum manufacturer gave me. Received in good order, quicker than expected and my new motor works like a treat. My Dyson is now as good as new.
by Perry 14 September 2013

Video saved me $100's

Watched the video on how to remove a DC08 motor, followed the instructions for my dead motor - all went beautifully. So ordered via online site, they kept me informed about delivery, motor delivered (from interstate) in 3 days after weekend order. A great service!
by DG 9 September 2013

Motor for Dyson DC05

Excellent service, motor arrived in 24 hrs fitted it after watching your video and works good as new. Thank you.
by Robert S. 25 August 2013

New DC08 motor and great suction!

Easy to follow video and web site reviews gave me the confidence to order and go the DIY road with the Dyson. Also cleaned the Radix unit as per video in meantime. Motor and new filters arrived at my Adelaide hills post office in a couple of days. All installed and working within the hour after bringing it home... Like new now, great!
by Peter 22 July 2013

Excellent service

Replacement motor for a DC08 arrived via post 2 days after order, great. Followed your video and installation was completed with ease, unit up and running and have a happy wife, all thanks to the great customer service from Vacuum Spot
by Bob 11 July 2013

Motor swapped with a little, prompt help from Alec. Good work !!!!

Watched Video, ordered part, part delivered quick, watched video again to make sure, installed part, switched on and alll working. Too easy !!!!
by Dave 5 July 2013

excellent in every way

got the part fast. saw the instal video. put the part in. vac works fine... all good... wonderful Aussie service.
by DiDee 10 June 2013

Excellent service, easy to use web site ordering

Thank you for the helpful information, easy to us web site to order the correct parts and prompt delivery. Made a problem easy and inexpensive to fix!
by Ricksha 31 May 2013

vacuum motor

The order was easy to place, and sent from vacuumspot promptly. The packaging was very good, and the motor was easy to install!

I'll use Vacuumspot for any additional needs.
by ryszard99 17 May 2013


Great website. Saved me literally hundreds of dollars. Easy to find parts even though I didn't have the part number of what I wanted. Will definitely use this service again.
by Cabes 17 May 2013

Excellent experience

Had a DC08 with no-go motor. Asked Mr Google for help. Found excellent vid on Youtube and best price motor from Vacuumspot. Ordered one, delivered in a few days, installed easily. Thanks Vacuumspot.
by Vidshooter 12 May 2013


Item installed and working.
Item recommended and supplied was not like for like. Differed to the motor I removed from the DC 11 but the appliance however functions satisfactorily.
by Ross 7 April 2013

All good

Took a week to get to Perth but works perfectly, thanks
by Rich 15 March 2013

Fits perfectly

Motor arrived promptly and fitted straight in ...renewed the life of the Dyson.
by Graeme 14 December 2012

Good result

Motor arrived via ord post in one week which is pretty good.
Dyson motor is easy to install.
The DC08 is now working again.
by John 14 December 2012


Ordered online - shipped promptly - installed easily - works like a beauty.
by TG 26 November 2012

Excellent - thanks

Ordered the replacement motor for the Dyson DC08 and installed while watching your video - excellent - thanks.
by Paul 3 November 2012

Add Your Question

I have a dyson dc 08 i need a motor for the code on the motor is YDK YV-2201 6C04-240V . Thank you.
The part number for the motor is either MO48 which is a chinese copy or you can also use the English MO44
Hi, I received the motor today, thanks so much. Having trouble putting the housing back together. I saw you have youtube clips, which one might help me? Cheers
Hi Rachael,
I am not sure which model Dyson you have but by far the most popular model people choose to repair is the DC08 so I would say go to YouTube and search.
How to change a Dyson DC08 vacuum cleaner motor in under 10 minutes.
If yours is not a DC08 let me know and I might be able to recommend a better video.
I have a dyson dc19 is this the motor you recommend for my machine?

Cheers Rache
Hi Rache,
Yes the MO48 is the appropriate motor for the Dyson DC19
hi there i have a dyson dc 8 i need a motor for the code on the motor is YDK YV-2201 6J03-240V REGARDS STEVE
Hi Steve,
Both our motor M048 and m044 will work for your vacuum. I personally prefer to use the m044 as it is a better quality motor.
Hi there,

I have a Dyson DC08. I have removed the motor using your you tube video...it was brilliant by the way, thank you.

The code on the motor is:
YDK YV-2201
6J20 ~ 240V

Do you have these motors in stock? How much are they? And what is the code to order?

Thank you very much,

Mob: 0418 394 232
Hi Michael,
Thanks for the thumbs up on our videos :)
The motor you need is either mo48 or mo44.
They both work but mo44 is the better quality english version. It was originally sold for the DC14 so it has a shaft but it fits perfectly in the DC08 so if you can spend the extra $30 it is well worth it to get the superior lifespan from that motor.
THe URL for the mo44 is
Does the Dyson dc08 motor come with new brushes?
Hi Nick,
certainly the motor is all new and yes it comes with brand new brushes.
I compared the picture with the motor of themy unit. There is a different.
Both the blue and red cables in yr picture are at both opposite end of the casing. The motor I had are both housed closed to one another halfway between the 2 black legs (??). The model number printed on my motor is YDK YV 2201 $L21 _240V

Do you have one that I am looking for or the one you have could be used on my unit?

Thans and Regards
HI Joey,
Either the MO44 or the MO48 will fit your machine.
The MO44 has the shaft but it will fit inside the plastic conical shaped motor locator that fits on top of the motor.
The MO48 can work in exactly the way the original did however the cord just connect to the terminals on the motor even though it does not have the white block.
In our service center we prefer to use the MO44 it is a better quality motor.
DC05 dyson motor ydk; vv-2100-1; 0g18-240v
Is your motor compatible?
Many thanks
Hi there,
Yes this motor MO48 is equivalent to the YDK motor from Dyson.
Does the DC08 motor that you advertise fit all Dyson DC08 and if not can it be returned if it doesnt fit.
Hi There,
Yes it does fit all DC08 vacuums that were purchased in Australia.
Yes if I am wrong and it does not fit you can return it for a refund.
Regards Alec

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