Electrolux Wertheim Washable Vacuum Cleaner HEPA Filter System (EFH12W)

Electrolux & Wertheim washable post motor HEPA vacuum filter

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Electrolux Wertheim Washable Vacuum Cleaner HEPA Filter

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This Product:
  • For Electrolux vacuums
  • Single washable HEPA exhaust vacuum filter
  • Genuine Electrolux filter for superior quality
  • 150g package weight
  • Replace every 3-6 months or when needed
  • Replaces Electrolux Filter EFH12 which is now discontinued
  • Can be used instead of EFH13W but offers a slightly lower grade of filtration

This Product Suits:


  • ALL models of AirMax, Bolido, Control, Cyclone, Cyclone XL, Maximus, Quickstop


  • W4030, 4030 Super System, W5030, 5030, W5035, 5035, W6030, 6030, W6035, 6035


  • Accelerator ZAC6705, ZAC6707, ZAC6716, ZAC6717, ZAC6742, ZAC6805, ZAC6806, ZAC6810, ZAC6826, ZAC6827
  • Airmax ZAM6100, ZAM6101, ZAM6103, ZAM6104, ZAM6106, ZAM6107, ZAM6109, ZAM6116, ZAM6200, ZAM6210, ZAM6220, ZAM6230, ZAM6240, ZAM6250, ZAM6271, ZAM6280, ZAM6290
  • Bolido Z4500, Z4510, Z4520, Z4520T, Z4525, Z4535, Z4538, Z4590, Z4595, Z4595
  • Clario Z1900, Z1905, Z19051, Z19052, Z1910, Z1912, Z1915, Z1915M, Z1930, Z1931, Z1935, Z1940, Z1942, Z1943, Z1943M, Z1944, Z1944, Z1945,  Z1946, Z1947, Z1948, Z1948M, Z1955, Z1955M, Z1995, Z2000, Z2010, Z2015, Z2018, Z2020, Z2022, Z2025, Z2030, Z2030, Z2035, Z2036, Z2039, Z2040, Z2045, Z2048, Z2050, Z2060, Z2095
  • Cyclone Z5810, ZC6422, ZCX6422, ZCX6202
  • Ergospace ZE347, ZE2243, ZE2244, ZEG300
  • Excellio Z5030, Z5040, Z5045, Z5048, Z5228, Z5240, Z5245
  • Ingenio Z1570
  • Oxygen Z5515, Z5530, Z5533, Z5540, Z5560, Z5561, Z5621, Z5632, Z5635, Z5650, Z5915, Z5930
  • Oxygen Plus Z7320, Z7350, Z7351
  • Oxy3System ZO6320, ZO6330, ZO6350
  • PraxioZ6020, Z6030, Z6040
  • Power System
  • Superpro Z6160
  • Smart Vac
  • Twinclean Z8210, Z8215, Z8220, Z8222, Z8225, Z8230, Z8232, Z8235, Z8240, Z8245, Z8266, Z8273, Z8280
  • Ultra Active ZUA3810, ZUA3810P, ZUA3820, ZUA3820P, ZUA3830, ZUA3830P, ZUA3830PT,  ZUA3840, ZUA3860, ZUA3860P, ZUA3800, ZUAG3801, ZUAG3802
  • UltraFlex Allergy ZUF4201OR
  • Ultra One Z8821P, Z8871P, Z90
  • Ultra One Green ZG8800
  • Ultra Silencer Z3328, Z3347, Z3357, Z3365, Z3372, ZUS3385, ZUSG3900, ZUSG3940P
  • Cyclonic Z5810, Z5810T, Z5820, Z5820T, Z5830, Z5830T, Z5835, Z5835T
  • UltraPerformer ZUP3862P, ZUP3832PT, ZUP3822P
  • UltraCaptic ZUC4102ANC, ZUC4102PET, ZUC4103DEL, ZUC4101AF
  • JetMaxx ZJM68FD1, ZJM6840
  • SuperCyclone Dust and Gone ZSC69FD2
  • ZU3386AUS

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Customer Reviews

Electrolux Wertheim Washable Vacuum Cleaner HEPA Filter System (EFH12W)
Wonderful Capitalism
Ordered a part at the busiest time of the year and it was dispatched next day.
It arrived within 3 days as ordered and in good order.
Their website was easy to use.

Prices a little exy but I chose to buy the genuine article.

If commerce was this easy, the revolution will be delayed. (Posted on 6/01/17)
Review by Peter TheRed
Excellent service
I would recommend Vacuum Spot to anyone. Their service is excellent. Very impressed how quickly I received the part considering I live in a country town. (Posted on 11/09/16)
Review by Cathy R
Great Service
This is the 3rd time I have purchased from Vacuum Spot and each time the service has been great. Living some distance from Melbourne I was pleasantly surprised that the filter only took 2 days to get to me. In relation to the filter, Electrolux claim it is washable but after washing the previous one I will certainly give that a miss this time as the last one started to fall to bits. (Posted on 31/05/16)
Review by Alan

Add Your Question

Hi I have bought a few of these now, but I do not think they are washable, they are like made of cardboard.
Hi Judy,
According to Electrolux they are indeed washable and they are happy to put it on the packaging. My personal opinion is that washing them is no where near as good as simply tapping them clean or using an air compressor to blow them out. In my house we use the cheaper copy FILTS and simply change them more often as I am convinced it is better for the vacuum than the washing option.
Hi this filter efh12w, is it just the filter or does it come with the plastic blue part as well.
HI Judy,
The filter is both the filter material and the blue plastic frame.
Does this filter fit Z8230 and also which twin filters fit this model.
Also looking for replacement head for this model please can you advise?

Thank you
Hi Catherine,
Ok so the rear filter for the Z8230 is either EFH12W (genuine electrolux product) or the generic version is also available part number FILTS.

The twin cylinder filters are part number EF78

The floorhead for that machine is part number 1131401547 this head is suitable for carpet or hard floors.

THere is also a Turbo head with a spinning brush available which is good for picking up pet hard and the like from carpet. It's part number is 2192142079

On the homepage of the website there is a search bar, just enter those part numbers into the bar and it will bring up the results you want.

If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to let us know.

What am I missing between the Electrolux EFH12W HEPA filter and the generic genEFG12W?

The generic says replace every 12 months and Electrolux says 3-6months or when required (as a get out of jail free statement).

Thank you,


I believe we have copied a listing and not looked at it carefully enough so good spotting. The genuine should also say change every 12 months or as needed. I actually use the generic for most of our service work and have no troubles as a point of interest. I will update the listing of the genuine one. Thankyou again.
Will this part (EFH12W)fit an Electrolux Z8240 Vacuum cleaner? Also will the filters (EF78) tiwn pack also fit the same vacuum?


The z8240 Electrolux twinclean uses EF78 in the front part (two cylinder shaped filters). In the rear it uses EFH12w for the rectangular washable hepa filter.