I found the web site very user friendly and the delivery arrived ahead of projected date. Very happy Chappy. - Terry (30/3/2016)


Excellent service. A one stop shop for vacuum parts. Prompt postage with a parcel wrapped so well it could have withstood a nuclear explosion. My wife is happy which means I'm even happier! I'll be back if I ever need another part. - Doc (30/3/2016)


Alec is a genius & gives easy to follow directions for problems with vacuum cleaners. Mine is a Wertheim 5030.......Check out their youtube video on 'How To Fix A Wertheim 5035 Vacuum Powerhead When The Brush Does Not Spin'. I thought my vacuum was not worth repairing, but all it needed was a simple replacement of a 'Rainbow' brand belt, as Alec recommended. My belt had been overstretched & useless. If I had left it in for repairs at Godfreys, it would have cost me much more than just the part. I bought my last belt at Godfreys & they sold me an expensive belt which didn't last long. - Karin (23/2/2016)


I would certainly recommend that everyone requires a part for their old vacuum cleaner should first look up Vacuum Spot before discarding the vacuum cleaner. I was delighted to tell you that the part they sent to me fitted into my very years-old (but rarely used) Volta Sprite U9901 which, despite my searching and telephoning other shops and distributors in vain) came up with the part I needed. How great is that! I would recommend them wihout hesitation! - Elizabeth (20/2/2016)


Hey guys, I just wanted to say that I am really grateful for the video instruction that I watched on your website and YouTube channel. It helped me repair my 15 year old Dyon DC05, which I inherited from my dad, who died in 2003. So this machine had a kind of emotional value for me. Thanks to you I managed to exchange the motor, and I hope it will give me many more years of service. Thanks again! Best regards from country that sometimes gets mixed up with yours :) - Valentin (from Austria) 3/2/2016


For anyone needing any sort of vacuum parts I would highly recommend vacuum spot , fast efficient delivery. - Jeanene (Tas) 27/1/2016


I am delighted to provide fedback indicating that after much research it was clear to me that Vacuum Spot was offering the lowest price in Australia  for the Zelmer Solaris vacuum cleaner that Choice Magazine had recommended  as one of their top buys. Naturally  I was thrilled to be able to buy this vacuum cleaner through Vacuum Spot at a saving of more than $200 below any of the Adelaide based suppliers. Just as impressive was the outstanding customer  service I received from my enquiries into this product over the phone. Although initially a bit wary at the prospect of buying from a company I had never previously  heard from I was won over by the courteous and informative person I dealt with which lead to me placing an order at the time. Imagine how impressed I then was when less that 24 hours after placing the order, the doorbell rang with a request that I sign for delivery of my order! Needless to say, my partner and I are both delighted with the Zelmer which is the nicest and most impressive  vacuum cleanet we have ever owned. Thank you for offering this product at such a good price and keep up the great service. - Paul (SA) 18/1/2016


So pleased you could help me with the right part for my Wertheim 5030. Otherwise I would have been up for a new vacuum cleaner , as they are no longer available. Very happy with your terrific service and prompt delivery. Will definitely spread the word and shop again. - Addie 12/1/2016


Easy to find the part I was after (less than a minute), order placed three minutes later, delivery tracked all the way to the door. Great service. I really appreciate it. - Paul 8/1/2016


I have purchased from Vacuum Spot twice this year and each time the service has been excellent; prompt delivery, timely emails and correct item received. Thank you for providing this valuable service. - Despina 26/12/2015


Amazing efficiency, quick. Its unusual these days to have a problem free transaction with any supplier! It was all easy and rewarding. - Jenny 17/12/2015


- Good Afternoon, just wanting to send a quick email to let you know how impressed I am with your service. I have now used your company twice and both times I have never en-counted any problems with my order.  My most recent order was over the Christmas period and expected a delay in receiving my part but to my surprised it arrived with in 8-10 days & I was notified right up to my parcel being delivered - BRILLIANT!!!! I will definitely be recommending this company to all of my friends. Once again THANK YOU for your great service & it is my pleasure doing business with you.
- Jude 6/1/2016


- Was just about to buy a new vacuum cleaner when the handle broke n I stumbled upon vacuum spot website by accident in the nick of time. Website gave very good pictures of the handle from different angles as I had lost the manual and the model number was "scratched off" from bottom of cleaner. Ordering thru the phone with Scott was a breeze. Didn't have to track the item online as I was constantly updated thru emails from vacuum spot. Item arrived within days and it was the exact replacement. (Scott assured me I could get a refund if it wasn't.) Will definitely use them again In future - Helen 25/11/2015


- Wanting to deal locally I contacted a vacuum cleaner dealer and was told they had no spare brushes but would check re getting one.  They then informed me that they were unable to obtain any.  Vacuum Spot filled my order straight away - Motherbear 25/11/2015


- Excellent service, the exact part as described on website, great price, and good contact about progress of delivery. Will definitely recommend and use you again. Thanks - Peter 26/11/2015


- Our powerhead started making unbelievable noises.  Took to Godfreys. Said it was fixed but came back worse.  Also told you couldn't get parts anymore.  Found powerhead on Vacuumspot.  Was exact same as old one.  Works like a dream.  Thank you Vacuumspot - Fritzy 30/11/2015


- Vacuum Spot saved me thousands of dollars! My vac, bought around 2004, with a 'lifetime' guarantee developed a hose and connection issue. The local vac shop gave me the old...they don't make that version anymore, you'll need to upgrade. Well I didn't think I had achieved my money's worth at this stage...the motor and everything else was still perfect. I initially ordered the wrong part and when I spoke to vac spot they helpfully suggested I just send it back with my bits and they would attach it for me. All was completed in a very timely fashion and me and the machine are still vaccing on.  I recently purchased new bags and a filter which has lifted its performance to new heights. Go vac spot...I will recommend you to anyone that needs support - Gail 30/11/2015


- Very happy with purchase.  Fast delivery and proper item for my vacuum ... thank you very much.  Would highly recommend your company.  Cheers - Lozza 01/12/2015


- Great range of products and prompt postage. With handy videos on how to put in the new motor I bought for my 12 year old Dyson, I now basically have a whole new machine. Going to buy a new radix housing next as mine has a crack in it from over enthusiastic vacuuming. Thanks for saving me $700 on a new machine! - Betty B 01/12/2015

Betty B

- I've loved my GM90, I even refurbished an abandoned one, so now I have two! Parts are had to come by and so I was thrilled to find a reliable source, Quick turn around and great quality, I couldn't be more pleased - Mykledm 01/12/2015


- Excellent service for something I had trouble buying at the normal electrical retailer - Greg 01/12/2015


I Googled the item I needed and your website came up. The site was easy to navigate and place my order. My order was delivered in a timely manner. I am very satisfied with my experience and will definitely use the website again when necessary - VacDiva 18/11/2015


I bought the vacuum in Australia but am now in NZ. This is the second order I've placed with Vacuum Spot and the service is excellent. It's easier, more efficient and quicker than finding someone to get them for me here - Chichco 19/11/2015


I am very happy with my hepa filter replacement for my Dyson upright which is getting harder to find elsewhere, especially at Vaccum Spot's very competitive price. Works just as good - excellent value as I really like my old Dyson & it still works well & the machine is no longer over heating. Would recommend to others - Martin 19/11/2015


Thank you Vacuum spot. Talk about making shopping easy. Struggled to find this part especially at the right price. You shipped within a day and Walla..... I had no more excuses not to vacuum. Thanks again for great, very prompt service and such an easy ordering process on your website - Col 20/11/2015


Wonderful company to deal with, kept me informed to what was happening throughout my order until delivery.  I appreciate extra effort and will be using them again...  Thanks - Jacey 20/11/2015


Product was as advertised. Cheaper than the genuine. Arrived promptly. Works the same. Tracking excellent - Kerry 22/11/2015


I have been married for 35 years and in that time have purchased many domestic vacuum cleaners that I thought would go the distance, well at least a few good years. Then I decided not to go for cosmetically good looking, shiny vacs and go for a semi industrial type. We went away for a week to a Time Share Resort and they had the Nilfisk VP300 vacs in all the units of which I got to use one. It was great. No bells and whistles, a very long chord that almost does the whole length of my house, a very good suction, easy to change the bags, easy pull along, so overall great product. So far nothing has gone wrong with this machine and I am very happy that I made the choice of no more big store purchased vacuum cleaners with big prices. I have had it 4 years now and I have purchased another two, one for my son and one for my mother-in-law who both think they are great. Very Happy also with store I purchased from, great to deal with, quick delivery. Thanks - Chris 23/11/2015


Vacuum Spot made replacing a broken part on my vacuum seriously easy. It broke, we thought we'd have to buy a new vacuum, (when the vacuum is scarcely older than a year), so I googled Vacuum Spot who had the part I needed. I ordered, very simple process, and it came within a matter of days. Thank you for your excellent service - Juanita 23/11/2015


I couldn't find these vacumn cleaner bags anywhere else.  I was kept updated with emails as to when they were posted and even telling me on the day that they arrived that they should be arriving that day.  Never had that before.  Great service, thanks guys - Charon 23/11/2015


Thanks for the prompt and efficient service that you offer. Were  recommended to me and I do not have any regrets. Thanks - Barbie 24/11/2015


We are very impressed with the service we received. The vacuum bags arrived in very quick time, well packaged and exactly what we wanted. We appreciate the service we received and will continue to buy our Ghibli bags from you - Grant 24/11/2015


I am happy to leave feedback.  I do not recall the name of the lady that took my order but in my 35 working years I must say it was the most pleasant hassle free transaction, all done on the telephone.

She knew what she was talking about and cannot praise her enough.  Product is fantastic, exactly what I was after. - Julie Joyce 12/11/15

Julie Joyce

- Really helpful telephone service to ensure correct replacement motor order. Rapid delivery of parts and now vacuum working perfectly. Thanks - Leverage 11/11/2015


- Fast delivery, good customer support by email, good price, thank you - Yousave Chemist 12/11/2015

Yousave Chemist

- The ordering was easy, the tracking to delivery useful and the products were correct on arrival. The price was very good as well, thank you  I shall use this service again - Spotless 12/11/2015


- This is the first time I have ordered with you.  I'm impressed with the ease of finding just what I wanted, and the speedy processing and delivery.  No stores near me keep stock of the vacuum bags I needed, so Mr. Google came to the rescue! - Jaffajen 13/11/2015


- The machine is like new again.  My husband would not believe that I could still get parts for a machine 20 year old+. All the best with your sales.  People just won't believe me that I could still get parts for the vacuum cleaner - Mary 13/11/2015


- Placed the order and received within 2 days. Parts fitted beautifully. Working so well I let my husband use the vacuum - Diane 13/11/2015


- The service, communication and product was excellent. Great that a $60 part can allow our $300 Vacuum to be new again! - Lumas Melbourne 16/11/2015

Lumas Melbourne

- I first heard about VacuumSpot when I saw Alec's YouTube video on how to replace a belt for the power-head. Thanks Alec, it was so easy to follow and I was able to do this myself, a retired woman. Thanks also for the friendly helpful advice when I rang.  I most certainly will be recommending VacuumSpot. Thank you all at VacuumSpot - Annette 16/11/2015


- I found the part I needed so easy and the order process was a snap. Had my vacuum back like new within days. Thanks - RL 16/11/2015


- I can get the product I need without having to drive a long way from home.  The delivery service is great - MB 16/11/2015


- I ordered the new filters and within days they arrived from interstate, I'd watched the YouTube video by Alec, cleaned the radix assembly of my Dyson DC08 & installed the new filters. The suction is now so good it could almost suck the ceramic tiles off the floor. Very pleased with the result - Elaine 04/11/2015


- Everyone I spoke to helped me. The service was very good and all of our order arrived safe and sound. Highly recommend this company - Annie 05/11/2015


- The parts I ordered for my vacuum were the correct ones received and the time taken to get them was unbelievably fast. I was very happy with the results all round. Thank You so very much. I had tried to get those parts through the store where I purchased the machine and after waiting for about 3 months for them to get the parts, I decided to look online for them myself and had them 2 days after I ordered them. I almost went into shock for the speed, it was wonderful, THANK YOU - Marg 06/11/2015


- This was the most surprising and satisfactory response from an online product service.  The speed and efficiency of processing and delivery was impressive and really most appreciated - Bazzab 06/11/2015


- I could not be more happier in recommending Vacuum Spot. I had been looking for these specific vacuum bags from store retailers and they were no help at all in trying to find the bags I needed. Found you online and was skeptical at first but you proved me wrong with fantastic service, postage and the product was as described! Thank you I will be back! AAAAAA+++++ - Carol 07/11/2015


- very helpful phone consultation. prompt delivery, loved the YouTube video, save yourself a bucket of money!!!! - JG 09/11/2015


- This is my second order and the process was no fuss. Delivery was quick and the product A++ - Rochelle 09/11/2015


- Excellent to see such a comprehensive range of spares to keep products operating. Very good service - CSG 10/11/2015


- Because  of  a  sight  problem,  i  do  prefer to shop online  -  i  have  a Hoover  and  a  Vax    and  Vacuumspot are   always  very helpful  and  prompt  delivery.  I  am   very  happy  to  recommend to  all - Nikity 10/11/2015


- Found the video on or how to replace the DC08 motor by Vacuumspot. Didn't release it was so simple. Order parted, shipped within a week, fitted within 15 mins. Thanks so much, Saved from purchasing a whole new vacuum - Gavin 11/11/2015


- Fantastic company to deal with. Order arrived earlier than promised. Extremely prompt. Price + delivery still cheaper than purchasing from local Godfreys store. Great communication. Will definitely be ordering all my bags from here in future. Highly recommend - Andy 27/10/2015


- At about half the local retail price and same quality, it has to be a great deal. Easy to find from parts list, well packed and delivered in days from Australia to rural New Zealand, now all good to go. Second purchase from this company and will do it again when I am in need of parts - Geegee 28/10/2015


- Easy to find the part in the catalog. Easy on line service. Parts arrived just in time to save my skin even though initially out of stock. Great overall experience - Dazza 28/10/2015


- My vacuum cleaner bags arrived within a couple of days. I could not find the bags for the very old model Eureka vacuum cleaner, so I phoned but unfortunately there was no stock on hand to actually compare measurements. Thankfully the picture enabled me to take an educated guess and luckily the bags fitted.  It would help if measurements on the piece of cardboard that slots into the vacuum cleaner were on your website. I very much appreciate your prompt service and the courteous and helpful person that I spoke to over the phone - Bella 29/10/2015


- Great web site, fast, efficient and prompt service and with tracking service you are able to be at home upon arrival. Will certainly go back - Jenny 29/10/2015


- Worth the small additional cost for freight to have exactly what I need ordered/delivered and saves spending half my Saturday travelling, in traffic, from shop to shop to find if they have product in stock - Rob 29/10/2015


- excellent service & prices. Very fast delivery. I was having trouble placing my order online so I left a phone message & was called back almost right away & placed my order over the phone. the bags I ordered were less than half the price I have paid previously elsewhere. I would definitely recommend VacuumSpot - Liz 30/10/2015


- After ordering received an email, which was appreciated,  to say they were out of stock and would get the item to us asap.  Thanks for letting us know.  We still received it quite promptly.  Very happy - Nornevi 31/10/2015


-  I tried to repair the old handle which had split.  Once the new unit was delivered it was superb and showed why waste time in repairing. The handle was well made from plastic with a stainless steel tube. I  am very pleased with the replacement handle for both quality and price - Kenw09 03/11/2015


- Wife's happy vacuum lives another life. I was very happy with the prompt service and there were no hassles finding the type and model motor I needed for my vacuum and the price was reasonable as well - Willi 03/11/2015


- The store where I originally purchased my  Nilfisk vacuum cleaner no longer stock filters and dust bags, This company delivered the filter to my house within days . A satisfied customer.  Thank you - Wendy 04/11/2015


- If you need vacuum parts buy it from vacuum spot. In my case the part i need was less than half the price i was quoted from a big name vacuum store and i didn't have to leave my home. - Greg 20/10/2015


- I needed a replacement wheel for my Hoover  vacuum and you were the only location that I found that had one. It took a couple of weeks to arrive due to not having the item in stock,  but you tolerated my enquiries cheerfully and got the wheel to me as soon as you could do so. I am more than satisfied with the service and your cheery emails kept me sure that it was coming. Many thanks. - Geebee 20/10/2015


- Service is great , second or third time i have ordered. Delivery is always prompt and web interface is easy to use . Products are cheaper than in store. Keep up the good work. - Greg 21/10/2015


- Part delivered quickly - very happy with service from Vacuum Spot - manufacturer (Dyson) was not very helpful and tried to sell me a new vacuum.  Buying from Vacuum Spot saved me a lot of money. - Linda 22/10/2015


- I was pleasantly surprised with the prompt response to my order. The genuine Electrolux parts were delivered within days. Thank you so much. - Denise 22/10/2015


- I had been stuck with a perfectly good vacuum cleaner, that I could not use because it seemed that no one stocked replacement bags and filters for it.  Finally I found Vacuum spot on the net and with hours they confirmed they can provide me with the replacement bags.  Within a few days the bags arrived and I am now able to use my vacuum cleaner. Thank you Vacuum Spot - Flynne 24/10/2015


- Good to deal with an Australian company that have staff that care about there customers. - David 23/10/2015


- Saved me buying a new Turbo head vaccuum. Part was $25 delivered,instead of spending about $270. Great service and kept me notified for when I would get the part. - Suede 26/10/2015


- Very easy purchase. Great company to deal with good communication and followup. It was nice to find a company that supplied parts for my quiet old Vax machine. The web site was easy to navigate and the parts easy to find and order. - Graeme 26/10/2015


- Vacuum spot are great, their products are very well priced and their sales service is great. I particularly appreciate their 'how to' videos on YouTube. A combination of new filters and a thorough vacuum clean and our Dyson is good as new. - Khoop 26/10/2015


- Brilliant service, accurate parts, competitive pricing. It's all in the summary 10/10 Vacuum Spot.  Have recommended you to others.  - Miss Fixit 26/10/2015

Miss Fixit

- Very happy  that I could find bags for this rather old but very good (and quiet) cleaner
the order arrived very promptly, I am happy and will be looking for other bags for another vacuum cleaner that I have.   Thank you - EPF 26/10/2015


The fellow i dealt with on the telephone was extremely helpful and certainly got off the phone very satisfied i found the part that was broken and it would be delivered to me within a week, as the part was to be ordered from interstate. He was extremely knowledgeable and very clam, pleasant and happy. Pleased to deal with VacuumSpot. Thank you. Debbie 15/10/2015


I have had my vacuum cleaner for many years and was very pleased to find I could replace the broken part. Your web site was easy to navigate and the picture of the part confirmed I was ordering what I needed.  Delivery was within the time frame stated and the item was packaged well.  Thank you. Pat 17/10/2015


this company is terrific. I was recommended by NILFISK to go to Bunnings to get or special order these filters for my 20 year old NILFISK vacuum cleaner. It was such as hassle ringing from store to store. I decided to have a quick look on ebay but I was not expecting to find anything but there they were!  I found them at the Vacuum Spot and for a much cheaper price than I would have paid through Bunnings. . They were very fast in their delivery and exceptional in their communication. I will definitely be going back to these people as they have parts for all sorts including my ancient but still going well Nilfisk,  Well don't everyone and thank you so much for the great service. Mill1996 18/10/2015


What a difference a day makes.... one day stopping every 5 minutes to clean out the  Hepa filter.... next after fitting the cone filter... it works as it should...Thanks guys. You never think about these things until they get lost. Keep up the good work. John 19/10/2015


Wow, what a service - parts arrived 4 days after order, not bad for a country delivery where one can wait up to 2 weeks for a parcel to arrive. Well done VacuumSpot. Anne 19/10/2015


Arrived to it's destination within a week of ordering, and product was exactly as I had ordered. Excellent service! Mac 13/10/2015


Ordered, acknowledged, despatched,delivered promptly and it was the right one to fit my vacuum.  Thank you. soobeee 12/10/2015


Great product, great service. My order was delayed by only a day or two but Vacuum Spot got in touch and let me know why, really great customer service. SP 10/10/2015


Great service. Wonderful to be able to buy belts for an older vacuum. Very fast delivery, very happy with transaction and appreciate it very much! Denise 09/10/2015


Excellent service. Well explained by the Salesman and the quick delivery of the product was a great help to me. Well done. I shall always contact you first in the near future. Bob 10/10/2015


It was easy to find the part I needed once I had looked at the web site and filled in the details of what I needed. The whole thing was very straight forward from finding the part to paying for it. The part I wanted was out of stock but was sent an email stating that the part would be in stock within 3 days. Received another email 3 days later stating the part was in stock and now posted.  I received a tracking number in a different email.  This was really excellent service. Thank you so much. Margaret 12/10/2015


Plenty of emails re the status. It was nice to know the order was received and processed and sent on it;s way.  I hate ordering on line however in this case I have too and it was painless. Cathy 12/10/2015


couldn't even get one from godfreys or other vacuum dealers. good price and quick delivery . will be buying from vacuumspot again.

wunglee 13/10/2015


Watched the YouTube video to see if a repair was viable. All seemed very straight forward so ordered a new motor & filter kit. Order arrived within 10 days. Re-watched the video whilst installing the new parts. Vacuum now working perfectly. Excellent service all round. Jeep 07/10/2015


When my filter cover was accidentally thrown out when the dustbuster was being emptied by my ever so helpful 8 year old I thought that was it, new dustbuster needed. I found Vacuumspot on the net, found my part very easily and before I knew it we were back in action. I was kept informed the whole way of my purchase and if needed will not hesitate to use Vacuumspot again. Highly recommended, 10/10. Fraze 08/10/2015


We were looking at having to replace our Wertheim 5030 vacuum cleaner because the hose had broken and we were told by a prominent retailer that they were no longer available. After searching the internet we found VacuumSpot and ordered the part we needed to easily fix our machine. The part arrived very promptly and this saved us from having to buy a new vacuum. Thanks VacuumSpot! Kerrie 08/10/2015


I ordered this product to be delivered to my home in WA. It was delivered Monday of the following week as estimated. Most importantly it was exactly the unit I required. Thank you Vacuumspot for efficiently processing this order. I will certainly use and recommend your company in the future. Tony 08/10/2015


Great and quick service as usual.  It's fantastic that it is cheaper for us to buy from you and the products sent to New Zealand than it is to buy locally.

Thanks heaps again.  You guys have such amazing service, great communication.  Can't fault you at all

Lisa, 6/10/15


After the motor burned out I almost bought a new Dyson but stumbled upon the YouTube videos published by vacuum spot. Excellent video explaining how to replace the motor and how to clean the radix head. The English made replacement motor arrived within a week and I was able to install it following the YouTube video. The Dyson is working again with increased suction. Great company to deal with.

Renae, 03/10/15


After finding what I needed on the simple and straight forward web site.. I sent an email query which was responded to really promptly, I spoke with a friendly, helpful and extremely knowledgeable technician who was able to complete the purchase there and then. To cap it off the package arrived the day I was told it would.

All round great experience, Highly recommended.

Brian, 29/09/15


VacuumSpot's service was fabulous.... Very prompt....great help on the phone...kept in touch because there was a slight delay in delivery because of supply problem.   Very pleased with my new Battery unit .  Woo hoo ...like a brand new vacuum cleaner.

Sue, 26/09/15


I bought this filter for my 13 year old vacuum cleaner, which was listed as a model that the filter would suit, and it all works beautifully!  I'd be very happy to buy from VacuumSpot again.  The details on their website were helpful, ordering was simple and my filter was delivered with no issues.  Thanks!

Ked, 24/09/15


Hi Alec, After watching the video we were able to fix it. It was so easy once you know how. Thank you very much.

Regards Denise 20/09/2015


"My filters arrived today packaged very well and in perfect condition...I tried to get these by checking in stores first...that was a waste of time ...given how much better the vacuumspot is...I'm very glad I found this company on the Internet ...will definitely use in future and recommend you to anyone..."

Nick 02/07/2015


"i just wanted to say a huge thank you for such amazing customer service and researching into the parts i really needed for my vacuum repair. the advise given was invaluable and the customer service is brilliant. Customer service such as your is very rare these days! I will definitely be recommending you guys to friends & family for your prompt service, advise & response. keep up the great work!" Janette 20/08/2015


"My wife insists that I do all the cleaning. And if I want to sleep in the big bed it must be to a 5 Star Hotel standard.
Needless to say I wear out alot of vacuum cleaners. I buy all my spare parts from these guys and they are on the ball.
Always fast, professional and well priced, I wouldn't buy anywhere else". House Husband 01/08/2015

House Husband

"I just wanted to thank you for sharing the video on how to clean my Dyson DC08 Radix.
After watching the video, I bought the correct screwdriver and followed the step-by-step instructions. And what can I say? ALL the holes at the bottom were clogged (no wonder after 8 years of usage). I cleaned everything just as Alec stated in the video and then I re-assembled everything back on. And now my Dyson works just like it's new! I'm really grateful for your great help!" - Sonja 18/09/2015

Sonja from Germany

Thank you for your prompt supply of my order.
I have been chasing this part via Godfreys and Black and Decker since October 2014.
Should have tried internet before.
I will be pleased to use your great service next time I need any parts etc. - Chris 24/6/2015


I received my filter and it fits and locks in perfectly, what a great company to deal with .Teresa 12/6/2015


I cannot tell you how I commend the entire process from my first online order to the day it was delivered. Firstly, I was delighted to discover that by ordering online I saved half the cost that the salesperson at Godfreys Ringwood quoted. Secondly, I received an acknowledgement via email of my order. Thirdly, I received another email from 'Scott' advising that, unfortunately they were out of stock of my item, but would get it to me as soon as possible. Fourthly, I received a tracking notice virtually on a daily basis. Finally, I received the item to my place of work on the day that I received another tracking email from the PO stating that the item was on it's way - I received it that day - after it was delivered I received another email from the PO stating that the item had been delivered.......all that work for a item that cost less than $30!!! I'm VERY impressed. Thank you!!! - Shelia 9/6/2015


Fast service and delivery , thanks very much - Bruce 5/6/2015


Thank you for your excellent, efficient service.  Have written a review but am not sure if "it" actually went!!.
You should be very proud of your company.  I have never or can't remember such amazing service, and for a product that cost less than $20. - Marcelle 18/5/2015


I was so impressed with your great service and communication.  I won't hesitate to recommend your great company to others after experiencing your great quality of service.
It is rewarding and much appreciated Kain 13/5/2015


Just wanting to thank you re your awesome customer service & shipping time! Even though my product was not in stock you still managed to get it to me in under a week! Thanks heaps & will highly recommend VacuumSpot! Tracey 07/05/2015


I was VERY impressed withthe great service from VacuumSpot, thankyou very much & the vacuum cleaner is as good as new Belinda 30/3/15


I would like to thank your company for their excellent service that they have provided.  The parts arrived promptly even with the short delay and I appreciated the fact I was kept informed Sean 23/1/15


This morning I received my order via Australia Post & I wish to thank you for your service, particularly the young & pleasant lady who took my order which was only small but important to me. It is obvious that Vacuumspot still know the meaning of customer service which, unfortunately is so rare these days. I received it within 6 days of contacting you. Incredible service! Graeme 27/10/2014


My order arrived this morning at work. I like to commend you on your outstanding level of service. Your service awards were totally warranted - Mark 25/9/14


Just want to say thanks to you guys, the Vacuum hose you sent is spot on. I was told here in WA that it would take 4 to 6 weeks to get and a lot more than the all up total it cost me even with express post. Three days and it was here in my hand. Once again thank you so much


The parts that i ordered and you supplied to me are exactly what i needed and they arrived on the day that you notified that they should be here. And yes i'm humming away with my vacuum cleaner once again. 
If in the future i need to replace anymore parts i will not hesitate to re-order through you. - Sharon 26/08/14


Thank you so much for your wonderful service of getting parts to me in Western Australia. I was able to get my Electrolux Boss vacuum cleaner going again. I just love the cleaner and I was very upset when it just died. Thanks to a new battery and charger it is going like a charm and the cost was very reasonable. I will tell people over here that you are available and will freight parts to them.  Eileen 26/08/14


We have been extremely happy with your service - quick to reply, rapid delivery, great product - Jenny 22-8-14


Just a quick note to say thank you for your very prompt service and the goods which I requested.  All arrived in good order and exactly what I needed

Dorothy 8-8-14

Prompt Service & Perfect Products

I was very pleased with the Volta Turbo Head itself and the service I received was courteous, efficient and prompt.  I would be happy to recommend VacuumSpot to any prospective customer.


fast service product arrived and has been used.  youtube demos good. cheers,


Just received my new vacuum head thank you. Fantastic service. Should I need more of your product's I will be back. Thank you again for your fast service.



I received my new vacuum motor within 3 days of ordering and installed it using your detailed You Tube video guide, which made the job a breeze.

The Mrs is happily vacuuming again as we speak.

Thanks for the great service.




When we first got in touch with you, we had been promised service by a firm, but after weeks of chasing them for the parts and then  trying to get our money back, we somehow got your email address.  Your service has been wonderful.  Everything was 100% even when you were changing your depot.  Your constant 'keeping in touch' is a great idea.  Recently Harold's sister needed a part so we just sent you an email and in a short space of time, the part was delivered to her in Kew and she is most happy.  If we hear of others in our village with problems we will certainly put them onto you. 


Just wanted to say thanks for the prompt service! Placing the order on Monday, they arrived Tuesday.
 Most appreciated and I will be a return customer.


Hi Guys,

THANKS VERY MUCH for the great service.....I ordered my vacuum bags and accessories late Friday and they arrived early Tuesday. I was so happy at how quick and easy it was. I will definitely be using your site again. Congratulations on running your own business. The video on your site made me feel comfortable I was dealing with great people who are passionate about their company.

Enjoy what you do, I wish you much success!


As a Business Consultant and Peak Performance Coach I am always keen to pass forward compliments for positive service experiences.  

Kerry has done an awesome job of representing your company, so much so that I want her natural care and attention to helping me, applauded by those who can make a difference in her world.From picking up my call to helping me make a purchase, Kerry has done everything that I would want from a telephone enquiry to help me make an easy purchasing decision.  I made it with confidence that I am getting the right part, with price never being a concern.  I didn't ring anyone else or search online again, simply because I knew that if Kerry could find it, I would buy it off her.

This commitment to helping make people happy is what sales is all about.  When working with businesses on producing better results, cultivating this care to service is one of the hardest roads to hoe, well done Kerry, you do it well.

Tama P

Hi Guys,
Just wanted to drop you guys an email saying thank you so much.
Your service and quick delivery is amazing.


Dear Sales,

Thank you for your very efficient system of ordering and delivery.
It is always great to find a new supplier that makes dealing with easy.
Kindest regards Sky


Hi Guys,
I received my Electrolux Ultra Active Aeropro Turbo Head on your recommendation as our original (Non-Turbo) head had snapped.
I am so glad i rang and got some advice as this head is far superior to the original without the turbo head and for only and extra $10 it was a no-brainer. 
I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone looking for vacuum parts & filters as you have great prices, excellent service and my items arrived within 4 business days.
Thanks again


Thankyou for your AWESOME service!

I ordered the parts late Thurs and received it, the exact stuff I ordered 2 business days later in country NSW...
Your online order system is FABULOUS and so easy to use.  I like your business vibe...
Fantastic work.

Have a fab week.


Just want to say a big thanks for 
a) having the filters I need (Dyson NZ told me I needed to buy a new machine as they no longer make the filters for my machine!) 
b) incredibly fast service! My parcel arrived yesterday, 5 days after placing my order
Francisca G, New Zealand

Francisca G

Hi Alec, just a quick thank you. The vacuum cleaner floor tool arrived today, and all good.

Overall, quite happy with the service and will contact you again if I require anything else !!!!

Cheers, Kathryn


Just want to thank you.
My items arrived today in good order.
I am impressed with your service !
Many thanks,
Ellie A.



Wow, I purchased vacuum bags from your website on Sunday - and received them this morning (Tuesday).

Keep up the good work.


I ordered Nilfisk A300 rear wheels from you.
Just to let you know that I received them & thank you for your prompt service.


Dear Madam / Sir;

A courtesy note to advise you that I have, this afternoon, received the vacuum hose.
May I take this opportunity to thank you for your prompt and efficient services, and, to again, thank Kerry for her outstanding customer assistance she provided me with, to place and complete this order.
Kind regards to all.


Just to let you know the filter arrived today.
It's perfect! It's for a little old vacuum I use on the car. I've been unable to get a filter for it anywhere, until I came across your website.
Thank you, much appreciated.
Kind regards,



Just wanted to drop you a line saying thank you. I placed an order for a power head for my vacuum on the 8th Feb and received it on the 15th! This was despite your site saying the part would be in stock at the end of February – fantastic service.

 Thank you

Janet M

Janet M

Hello Alec
I just wanted to let you know I was more than satisfied with the product you shipped me and with the service, which was speedy and accurate. The products themselves are as advertised and of good quality.
With this order, I now have a good stock of spares for my vacuum, but be assured I will turn to you as first choice next time I need any parts and would happily recommend your company to my friends should the opportunity arise.
Thanks again,

Paul V

Hi Alec
This is rather belated but I have just been reading some blogs on your site. I'm not a blogger however I thought I'd add my little story about not being able to purchase a belt for my (Electrolux) vacuum cleaner without buying a whole new head costing around $100.00. After a few years and after buying another Vac but keeping the old one for other purposes, I came across your site and was able to buy 2 belts for around $11.00.
The reason I'm here is because I'm having trouble finding info re Washing Machines and wondered whether you'd moved in that direction !
My bad luck.
Merry Xmas to you and your family.


Hi Alec,
Thanks SO much for this, yes helped exactly! I was scared of breaking the flap by pulling too hard, but from watching the video could see that it was ok. What a great idea, putting demonstrations on YouTube! Especially as a lot of these things just aren't obvious and are quite tricky.
I really appreciate your help and have just 'liked' your page on facebook. If I hadn't found your website I wouldn't have known where else to go for help, and doubt very much I would have got help via email. I'm sure that if I'd asked at Harvey Norman, where I bought the machine, they would have had no idea! Have bookmarked your site for when I need new bags/parts.
Best wishes


Hello Alec, the plug arrived today and is working perfectly. Thanks again for your help.
regards Brent


Just like to thank you for the excellent service for the above order the delivery was very fast and the goods arrived as ordered, thank you for trouble free shopping. David M

David M

Alec my Angel

All up an running, feels like a new vacuum, great unit, I have had it
for over ten years now, and it feels brand new again. Lucky I have a
handy man at home. Going on to website now to tell the world

Cheers Linda (happy happy customer)

Linda (Happy Customer)

Attention: Harry.
Your courteous, professional and through assistance over the phone today was EXCELLENT.
Thank you so much for your kind assistance & for making my transaction with Vacuum Spot effortless.
Keep up the great work…..!!!
Best regards,

Matt Schembri

Matt S

Hi Alec,

Thanks heaps for the link….was very helpful. Have also received the power rod for my vacuum and am pleased to report that I am now vacuuming the floor in an upright position instead of crawling around on my hands and knees….excitement much!!

Thanks again, will recommend you to peeps in Hobart!!


Got the bags today, many thanks, am gonna spread the gospel. :)

Many thanks


Ken R

Very Easy to shop online. I have been looking for weeks in shops with the run around and within 10 minutes I have brought what I wanted from Vacuum Spot.


Dear Alec

 I write to thank you for providing me with professional and exceptional customer service. I am unsure how to place this on your website but please do so with my blessing.

You answered all my questions immediately and where any confusion could occur, you sent me a picture of the part in question. I received my ordered part inside one week and it is exactly as you described. Excellent technical knowledge, excellent service, excellent price. I would not hesitate to recommend Vacuum Spot to anyone.

 Please keep up the good work – people are most appreciative of your efforts.

 Kind regards

Jenny C

Jenny C

I fixed my Dyson thanks to you. You are my hero. :)

Is´╗┐ it a bird (Noooo) Is it a plane (Noooo)

Its Vacuum-Man! :P


The head I got was exactly the same as the original I got with the vacuum. I am totally happy with the price and the speed of delivery.


Very fast postage excellent quality product very happy!!!


Thank you so much. I've had my Dyson about 6 years and even with a freshly cleaned filter it was smelling of old dog whenever i used it due to dust build up. Your instructions were so clear and easy to follow that even i (a woman) managed to do this! You're a star - thanks so much for this video :-)


Hi Alec,

 I strongly feel it is my obligation to send you an email to say thank you very much for your help and exceptional customer service I received from you on Friday 29th June 2012, I cannot speak highly enough of how impressed I am. I needed to purchase parts for my vacuum cleaner and was very confused to which parts were the right ones on the internet. I called VacuumSpot and immediately came through to Alec I explained to him what I was after and within a couple of minutes he had advised me on the correct parts also other options and prices. I found the prices cheaper than anywhere else, I ordered and paid for my parts. This was all done within 5-10mins and I received my purchase in 3 days. (exactly the right parts) Thanks once again Alec I will defiantly be coming back and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend everyone to VacuumSpot.

 Please feel free to use any part of this email for your reviews or testimonials.

 Kind regards

 Debbie Schelfhout

Debbie Schelfhout

Hi there, it's Melissa J here.
I just bought replacement bags for my old vacuum.
Am so happy with them, ordered them on Monday, received them on Thursday, how unreal!
And my vacuum is working brilliantly, cos I now have the correct bags and I changed the filters!!!!!
Thanku from a very satisfied customer. You honestly have made my day.
Kind regards
Melissa J

Melissa J


Just wanted to say that we received the parts today - very impressed with finding the parts so easily online and the quick delivery! Good service.



Thankyou so much a pleasure to deal with.



Thank you

Jan P

Hi Alec,

 I strongly feel it is my obligation to send you an email to say thank you very much for your help and exceptional customer service I received from you on Friday 29th June 2012, I cannot speak highly enough of how impressed I am. I needed to purchase parts for my vacuum cleaner and was very confused to which parts were the right ones on the internet. I called VacuumSpot and immediately came through to Alec I explained to him what I was after and within a couple of minutes he had advised me on the correct parts also other options and prices. I found the prices cheaper than anywhere else, I ordered and paid for my parts. This was all done within 5-10mins and I received my purchase in 3 days. (exactly the right parts) Thanks once again Alec I will defiantly be coming back and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend everyone to VacuumSpot.

 Please feel free to use any part of this email for your reviews or testimonials.

Debbie S

Thanks for the ultra fast order and postage , I was very thankful when my order arrived so promptly and at a very reasonable price.

Matthew K

Excellent service and product. Would happily shop at VacuumSpot again and recommend it to my family & friends:-)

Darren K

This floor head is better than the original I am so happy

Vaughan Mall

Bags were great price and delivered quickly

Isabelle K

Very pleased with the service. It was a nice change to speak to someone whose first language was english and understood my questions


Thanks, You're a Life Saver!

Now my Dyson DC08 will always work good. 

Amiga W

Hi Harry,

Our vacuum arrived yesterday and my wife has been madly testing it out. She had been anxiously awaiting its arrival as our previous vacuum had long since passed its effective usefulness.

One negative(???) outcome is that she has been incessantly telling me how mortified she is at how dirty our carpets and rugs have been. It goes to prove the effectiveness of the Bissell. Our previous cleaner was a cheap Godfrey’s model we have had for many years. It has never cleaned as effectively as the Bissell.

Harry, I truly appreciate the extra mile you took to ensure we were satisfied with the service of Vacuumspot. It has been a pleasure to do business with you.

Thanks again

Brian H

Brian H


Thanks so much for sending my item so quickly.
I ordered it Friday afternoon and got it this morning.
Can't complain about that.
Needed a new brush for about 5 months and Ausvac said they would have to order it in then we shifted house and I just couldn't be bothered.
My daughter gave me a link to your site on facebook last Friday saw you had what a needed and whalaa here it is today.
Thanks again.
I will be passing on over facebook what a great service you provide.

Barbara M

Hello Vacuumspot and Alec
Just want to thank for for my power head. It's a treat to use. And thank you the efficient way you handled my order. I was really surprised that it arrived so quickly.

Janet L

Hi Alec,
I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how impressed I am with your company.
I'm a bit 'old school' in that I don't like to order from the internet, which is why I called you first.
I received my ducted vacuum hose sock yesterday, earlier than promised and it was well packaged.
Your prices are very competitive and the level of service I received from you was truly professional.
I will definitely be buying from you again and will be recommending you to family & friends.
Thanks again,

Lola S

I received my order just 2 days after it was placed. Pretty amazing given I live in a different state. Will be coming back and telling my friends about you!!


in responce to YouTube Video : How to pull apart a Dyson DC08 radix assembly

Thanks so much for a great video. A couple of Poms here were on the brink of buying a new machine, but we followed your instructions and it is now working fine.


Thanks Alec for the next day delivery of the switch following my inquiry. My mother in law was going to toss the thing out. Im a big believer in fixing stuff. It was easily fixed. The contacts in the switch were close to being burnt out, that’s all. There must be thousands of perfectly good appliances thrown out all around the world which only require simple practical repairs but the culture has changed for the worst.


Cheers Malcolm

Have just received the motor and all is correct. Thanks again for your service.


Colin G.

I have a Wertheim Vacuum that needed a replacement vacuum hose and the service and great You Tube videos on how to do the repairs myself were invaluable. I live in rural Tasmania and there was no one here who was able to do this repair so I went on line to order the par for myself. The Vacuum Web site and the great service by [name removed] made this a fairly easy way to go and it arrived in very good time. He also responded quickly to emails when I got into bother thinking that I would also have to get a new curly cord as well.
I really could not fault the service and encouragement that I received and I am so glad that I attempted to do this for myself.
Couldn't fault the back up that he gave this is a real boost for those of us who live in rural and remote areas.

Elizabeth S


Thank you,
I have received the vacuum cleaner bags as ordered and absolutely
appreciate the quickness your business dispatched the product.



Good afternoon,

I just wanted to write and thank you for your excellent service. My new rollers arrived today, and they're perfect! I had been into 2 leading vacuum stores looking for this part, both had advised a wait of 2-3 weeks and could not give me a price. Your website was easy to navigate and I found exactly what I wanted. Combined with prompt dispatch, Australia Post tracking and very reasonable postage charges, I am very happy with your service and will be purchasing from you in the future.

Kind regards,

Emma R

Emma R

Excellent Service!

Excellent Service

Good morning, just received the filter I ordered. Thank you very much for your excellent service.



Thank you,
I have received the vacuum cleaner bags as ordered and absolutely
appreciate the quickness your business dispatched the product.


Five days ago I ordered a vacuum cleaner part through your website (order #100001934). This morning it was on my doorstep here in Wellington, NZ.
Speedy service, fair price..................happy customer.

Lester Oakes


Just a note to let you know the power head arrived today. Thank you.
Lorraine C


Lorraine C

Hi there
I live in the UK and came across your YOUTUBE video on cleaning the DC08 Radix assembly - brilliant, I was on the verge of chucking out the old 'Animal' and buying a VAX.
The Dyson now works like new!!!! - nearly all the small spirals in the white part of the assembly were blocked. 8 years of dog hair and moisture, I guess.
Thanks again for a very clear and accurate disassembly/Assembly.

Martin Watts
Ringwood, UK

Wow, thanks lot for making that video for me, I just couldn't see the screws underneath the wheels, and didn't dare pry them loose for fear of destroying them!

This is what the web was made for, you're a great guy and a true friend of the earth to take the time to help others, and prolong the life of our stuff!
Thank you!


Just wanted to thank you for very impressive service – arrived the day after the order was placed!

Richard M

Just wanted to thank you guys for your great and super fast service.

Everything arrived in 2 days!

I hope it continues to go well for you!


Received my order 12 March. Thanks for your prompt help. Will use your service again.