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  2. BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND Sale On Now | 15% Off Sitewide*

    BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND Sale On Now | 15% Off Sitewide*


    Get 15% OFF SITEWIDE at Vacuum Spot from now until 30/11/2020 on on all eligible vacuum bags, filters, parts, accessories, cleaning products & pandemic supplies. That's right, just enter discount code coupon FRIDAY15 on the shopping cart summary page during checkout and take 15% OFF the eligible items in your cart.*

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  3. 10% OFF storewide until 31 October 2017!

    10% OFF storewide until 31 October 2017!

    We’ve been working hard recently to improve the experience of shopping on our website, and we have some really exciting news for you!

    We have just launched a brand new website! The new has all the brands and parts you have ever asked for, with a much needed facelift.

    But that’s not all…we’re also giving our valued customers 10% OFF STOREWIDE until the end of October 2017. That’s right, just use discount code VACSPOT10 at checkout and take 10% OFF your entire order. And yes! - this offer even applies to vacuum bags and vacuum filters.

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    • Check out securely with credit card or Paypal options.
    • Can’t find what you’re looking for? As always, let us know and we’ll track it down for you!
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  4. Clever Uses for Your Typical Vacuum Cleaner

    Think your vacuum cleaner is just for getting dirt off the floor? Think again! The humble vacuum cleaner has many different uses when it comes to keeping your home clean from top to bottom and generally making your life easier.

    Before you put it to work, you’ll want to make sure your vacuum cleaner is in top condition and you have all the accessories you need. From carbon brushes for vacuum cleaners, to a vacuum hose hook and generic vacuum bags, having everything on hand makes the whole cleaning process a breeze.

    Here are a few things you probably didn’t realise you can use your vacuum cleaner for:

    • Inflating air mattresses: Some vacuum cleaners come with attachments that connect to the exhaust filter which can be used to blow up or inflate an air mattress if you don’t have a pump handy.
    • Removing fleas: Fleas can come into a home from cats and dogs and take up residence in your carpet. Once they do this it can be tempting to use harsh chemicals but vacuuming regularly can be just as effective to get rid of both the fleas and their larvae.
    • Fixing dents in the carpet: If you’re moving furniture around you don’t need to be left with those annoying dents in the carpet. Just place ice cubes over the dents and wait for them to melt. Once they are melted you can just vacuum over them and they will disappear.
    • Doing your child’s hair: Achieving the perfect ponytail is easy with the help of your favourite appliance. Place a hairband over the end of the (clean) hose, suck the hair into it and then secure.
    • Brushing pets: Depending on your individual pet, they might really enjoy being brushed with the soft brush attachment from your vacuum cleaner and you can keep extra hair off the carpet, lounge, bed and just about everywhere else.

    With uses that vary from cleaning to personal grooming, the vacuum cleaner has to be the most versatile household appliance in existence. By making the most of your vacuum cleaner you can clean faster and more effectively, and deal with a number of common household problems with the minimum of fuss.

    Keeping well stocked up with bags, filters and other accessories is important if your vacuum is going to work at its best. Vacuum Spot has all your vacuum cleaner accessories and supplies in one convenient place.

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  5. Common Vacuum Cleaner Issues And How to Fix Them

    Let’s face it – when it comes to things we love doing, vacuuming is rarely going to make the hit list! On the plus side, our home looks a lot better with a freshly-vacuumed floor, and a clean home tends to make us feel a whole lot better. And however much you may find it a chore, there are ways to ease the load.

    But what happens when your vacuum cleaner won't turn on? Understanding how your vacuum cleaner works and how to fix common issues is a good first step. Here are some everyday problems and how best to address them, giving you some indication on how to fix a vacuum cleaner.

    No suction

    This is one of the most common issues you’re likely to experience mainly because there are several reasons why your vacuum cleaner is not working or might not be performing as it should.

    • A full bag. It’s the obvious one that we sometimes overlook. Check, empty and/or replace the bag if needed.
    • A blockage in the floor head, hose or neck. Look and feel for any objects or clumps of dirt and remove. If the obstruction is in the middle of the hose, detach it from the machine and use a broom handle to push it through.
    • A blocked filter. Vacuum cleaner filters do a fine job of catching particles of dust, dirt and pet hair to ensure they aren’t released back into the air. They do need to be cleaned however, and a dirty or clogged filter pad may also need replacing from time to time.
    • A dirty brush. Vacuum cleaner brushes may become clogged with hair or other items. Check and clean regularly.
    • The right setting. Cleaners often have different settings (that adjust the brush height) for floorboards, low-pile and high-pile carpet. Make sure you have it set correctly for the appropriate flooring.

    Debris trail

    It’s a little disheartening to say the least, to think you’ve finished the job only to turn around and find a trail of dirt behind you. This is most commonly caused by a full dust bag, dirty brush or sometimes a broken roller brush. A floor brush that isn’t spinning won’t pick up dirt, and the problem might be with the belt. It’s a common occurrence and easily fixed with a replacement.

    Not staying on

    A cleaner that starts but then loses power might be overheating, and the culprit could be something as simple as a small (and inexpensive) motor carbon brush. Turn off and unplug the cleaner and leave it until cool before restarting, check for obstructions, and check the manual for instructions specific to your machine. Once you’ve narrowed down the issue, you can give us a call for advice on the best replacement part if needed.

    Not turning on

    This might be the most frustrating of vacuum cleaner problems. If your machine doesn’t start at all, it might need a new part or sometimes it may simply have come to the end of the road. First try the vacuum in a different power socket and/or with a different extension cord to make sure the problem is with the machine itself. Check for obstructions, have a look at the filter and run through troubleshooting options in the manual. If you’re still having no luck, we have a dedicated YouTube channel offering technical support to help you work out just what’s happened.

    What next

    In most cases, fixing a vacuum cleaner is an easy process, to get your vacuum cleaner back up and running. If you’re in need of a new part or a whole new machine however, you may need some help. We have an extensive range on hand, and experienced staff who can assist with your vacuum problems, small or large.

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  6. What Makes a Vacuum Cleaner a Good Investment?

    Value can mean many things to many people, but most would agree that a good investment requires more than just a low price. Nearly every household is likely to own a vacuum cleaner, yet the difference in features and quality from one to the next can be enormous.

    Anyone looking for quality, durability and the most useful features (think HEPA filtration) should do a little research before hitting the shops. If you’re curious as to what makes a vacuum cleaner a good investment, read on.


    The core of every vacuum cleaner is its motor, as it provides suction power. Motor type and wattage can vary from one model to the next and is generally in the vicinity of 1600W to 2200W. Whether you’re looking for a barrel vacuum, an upright, a stick vac or robot version, check the motor description to get an idea of the power level. It’s also wise to ask for a demonstration if visiting a showroom. Turn the vacuum on and place the floor tool or head on the wall. Those with the most powerful suction should stick there and be hard to remove.


    While the motor is the starting point, performance is based on the overall design (how each part works seamlessly with the others) and the features of a vacuum.

    One of the most important of these elements is the filter. A poor-quality filter may simply redistribute all the collected dirt and dust back into the air, while a good quality one will help maintain a thoroughly hygienic environment.

    A HEPA filter for instance contains a very fine mesh that traps not just dirt, but pollen particles, dust mites and even particles of tobacco smoke. Remember too that the quality of vacuum bags can vary. The best will effectively help catch and hold anything that passes through the filter, and they need to be readily available (it’ll save you time and effort if you can purchase vacuum bags online in Australia).


    For a backpack or barrel model, it’s essential to have a long, retractable power cord, and a lightweight, portable model is going to be much better for you and your back over the years. One advantage to stick vac and robot vacuums is that they are cordless. The best investment for you will be one that suits your lifestyle now and in years to come. If you’re thinking of getting a pet or starting a family for instance, consider if your choice will work now – and when they arrive.


    Ultimately, a good investment is something that’s also going to last. Investigate the brand you’re looking to buy, read reviews and check on the warranty.

    Eco credentials

    Good eco credentials are of increasingly importance to many people. A vacuum cleaner may be environmentally-friendly if it boasts good energy efficiency and longevity. While the cheapest vacuums may last a short while and then end up in landfill, quality brands may last 10, 15 or 20 years, which means less materials in use, less landfill and a lower carbon footprint.

    Hitting the spot

    The best investment is going to be something that provides all of these things and meets your particular lifestyle and personal needs. The wide choice of models can make it difficult to choose, which is why we have experienced and knowledgeable staff on hand. We’d be happy to offer you advice or answer any questions you might have, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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  7. Making Heads or Tails of Your Vacuum Cleaner Attachments

    The vacuum cleaner is one of the most common household appliances out there, but the many and varied pieces they come with can be a cause for confusion.

    Most vacuums come with at least one or two different attachments, and it’s easy to just stuff them in a cupboard and forget about them. Believe it or not, vacuum cleaner attachments are not just there to confuse you, they are actually designed to make cleaning easier.

    Here is a quick guide to six of the most common vacuum cleaner attachments.

    • Floor tools. Vacuum cleaner floor tools are designed for cleaning different surfaces and they can help you get a better result on wood or tiled floors. Unlike a regular vacuum cleaner head, which is designed for carpet, hard floor tools generally have bristles and wheels that help them move around more easily on hard floors.
    • Crevice tools. If you need to get down the side of the fridge or in the corner of the living room, the crevice tool will help. This thin pointy attachment is designed to get into the little corners and gaps that you can’t otherwise reach.
    • Upholstery tools. Vacuum cleaner upholstery tools are usually brush attachments that are designed to help you clean chairs and lounges by gently lifting off the dirt and dust. They are particularly good for removing pet hair or for working upholstery cleaners into fabric.
    • Extension rod/wand. This handy tool helps you get into those out of reach places like the corners of the ceiling and behind the lounge. An extension wand is essentially a long narrow tube that extends the length of your vacuum cleaner.
    • Hose adapters. Vacuum cleaner hose adapters are designed to help you attach the tools you need to your vacuum cleaner hoses. They are incredibly handy, especially if you’re trying to use attachments that are not specific to your brand of vacuum cleaner.
    • Blind attachments. Cleaning vertical and roller blinds is a difficult chore but it’s made easier with a blind attachment. This attachment is designed to get in between the blinds and clean multiple blinds at once, on both surfaces.

    As well as the usual accessories listed here, there are also some less common ones designed for those niche jobs like cleaning ceiling fans or even vacuuming the dog.

    By getting to grips with the different vacuum cleaner attachments, you can get a better cleaning result in far less time.

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  8. Boss Batteries Back From The Dead

    Since February of 2013 batteries for the Electrolux Boss Z570A and Z570B have been out of stock at Electrolux. The reason was that the comany that produced the batteries in China actually closed down. Initially it was thought this could be resolved in a month or so. This then slipped to 2 months and then all the way to September and potentially not at all.

    This was a real shame as the Electrolux Boss was in my opinion the best mini vacuum ever made. I even personally purchased one and used it until my kids eventually sent it to it's grave (though no one specifically knew how it came to be so badly broken).

    Anyway... I am here to announce....*Drum Roll*

    The Return Of The Boss... battery

    Bruce Springsteen 

    <---Not this kind of Boss




    The Boss Battery



    <-- This is what I'm talkin about




    I have just been told that in the very early part of August 2013 we will again have this top selling battery back in our warehouse. So for all you lucky folks out there with an Electrolux Boss Z570A or Z570B (specifically those with a dead battery) your wait is over. You now have the ability to raise your vacuum from the dead. Simply buy purchasing a New Electrolux Boss Battery for a measly $64.95.

    Hoorah VacuumSpot !!    Hoorah Electrolux !!  

    <insert confetti and marching band here>


    Electrolux Boss Z570B


    <---Feast your eyes on this bad boy


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  9. Nilfisk Combat Ultra Vacuum Maintenance


    Basically this machine has 3 consumable filters, 2 in the front and one at the back. There is also a permanent plastic cone filter which will only need replacing if lost.


    Combat Ultra Cone Filter




    The plastic filter cone is located in the clear bin assembly and should be checked every time you empty the dust from your vacuum. It is simply a matter of removing the cone by twisting (like a standard light bulb) and brushing it clean. If it is particularly dirty it is fine to wash but must be absolutely bone dry before putting back in the vacuum. The purpose of this cone is to prevent big bits of dirt from getting to the 2 pre motor filters so they don’t wear out prematurely.


    Combat Ultra Filter Cone 


    Both pre motor filters are found at the back of the dust bin assembly and should be checked every month. The thinner foam type filter should be washed regularly and left to dry completely before replacing. The thicker HEPA filter will last the best if you tap it out regularly (each month). This filter is also washable as in it won’t disintegrate if washed but in my experience washing is not as good at getting the dust out as tapping it is. Even though both of these filters can be cleaned I have found that after 3-6 months they no longer return to their best condition and require replacement. Even though these filters will cost a little to replace I would encourage you to do this regularly as it will lengthen the life of the vacuum and reduce repairs as well. So in the long run replacing the filters will work out cheaper than getting a little extra life out of the filter.

    Nilfisk Combat Dust Bin Assembly

    Nilfisk Combat Ultra Pre Motor FilterNilfisk Combat Ultra Hepa Filter

    As a side note if your filter has a split, tear or other physical defect it will need to be replaced even if it is not yet 3 months old. The split will let dust through to the motor and will cause more damage than you might imagine.

    Nilfisk Combat Ultra Exhaust Filter

    The last filter is a thin exhaust filter which is essentially a bit of felt in a plastic frame at the back of the vacuum. This really is the least important in terms of performance and also the vacuums life. It’s main job is to make the exhaust air clean and honestly if the front filters are maintained this will have little work to do so should only need changing every 6-12 months. It is worth noting that this filter is not washable, once it starts to wear or get too grey or black it just needs to be thrown out and replaced.



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  10. I can't find my Vacuum Cleaner Filter !? Help !

    Having difficulties finding filters for your vacuum cleaner ?

    No luck when it comes to getting answers from vacuum companies ?

    Google is failing you in your quest for the perfect vacuum filter ?

    Well, believe it or not, you’re not the only one who has been thrown head-long  into this unfortunate predicament.

    There are millions of vacuum filter starved people out there. All pulling their hair after failed attempts at trying to procure just one filter for their beloved vacuum cleaner.


    Dog pull hair


    It’s sad news for the world of vacuums, but there are solutions to this problem.

    What are we to do about it ?

    The brutal truth is that there are countless vacuum cleaners out there whose filters are next to impossible to obtain. The availability of a vacuums filters is usually (but not always) directly related to the price of the vacuum cleaner. Cheaper generic vacuums are far less likely to have filter support when compared to a mid-range Electrolux vacuum cleaner.

    Some vacuum cleaners are simply sold “as is” without the possibility of buying filters – or even bags !

    But never fear! There are still possible solutions for those of us who are still struggling to find filters for our vacuum cleaner.


    The first – and somewhat tedious - solution might be to sort through all the filter images listed on a vacuum cleaner website and then purchase a filter that most resembles the filter you need to replace for your vacuum cleaner.

    For example, VacuumSpot  has a huge vacuum filter range with corresponding pictures for most of them too. 

    Click on the following link to take you there – Vacuum Cleaner Filters

    You will come across countless filters like the Generic Washable HEPA filter which might even suit  your  vacuum cleaner.


    The second – and easiest - solution that we at VacuumSpot suggest is to consider the Universal Vacuum Cleaner Filter package.

    The Universal Vacuum Cleaner Filter package consists of 2 large (135mm x 165mm) filter sheets that can be cut to size. Simply grab a marker and trace your old filter onto the Universal Vacuum Filter sheet, cut it out  and whamo ! You have a filter that you can place into your vacuum. 


    Universal Vacuum Cleaner Filter


    Find it here - Universal Vacuum Cleaner Filter


    The result may not look pretty -depending on your tracing and cutting skills - but it will do the job when it comes to filtering out pre-motor dust and exhaust dust. Your vacuum will love you for it.


    The third solution afforded to you is to contact us at VacuumSpot with any questions you might have pertaining to your Vacuum Cleaner. We at VacuumSpot have experienced staff that are more than happy to assist you in your quest to find just the right vacuum filter for your vacuum cleaner.

    You can find our contact details here -  VacuumSpot Contact Details

    So why not call (or email) us today ?

    We’re waiting for you…


    Phone people


    This post has been brought to you by your friendly neighbourhood Vacuum Knight,

    Sir Vacalot

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