Electrolux + Wertheim Washable Vacuum Cleaner Hepa Filter System (FILTS)

Single washable HEPA Exhaust filter for Electrolux & Wertheim vacuums

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Electrolux + Wertheim Washable Vacuum Cleaner Hepa Filter System

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  • Electrolux + Wertheim Washable Vacuum Cleaner Hepa Filter System
  • Electrolux + Wertheim Washable Vacuum Hepa Filter System
This Product:
  • For Electrolux and Wertheim vacuums
  • Single HEPA exhaust filter
  • Total height: 24mm
  • Top: L149mm x W120mm x H25mm
  • Bottom: L138mm x W108mm x H22mm
  • Generic vacuum filter for extra value
  • 154g package weight
  • Replace every 12 months or when needed
  • Can be used instead of genuine Electrolux filters EFH 12W, and EFH 13W

This Product Suits:


  • ALL models of AirMax, Bolido, Control, Cyclone, Cyclone XL, Maximus, Quickstop


  • W4030, 4030 Super System, W5030, 5030, W5035, 5035, W6030, 6030, W6035, 6035


  • Accelerator ZAC6705, ZAC6707, ZAC6716, ZAC6717, ZAC6742, ZAC6805, ZAC6806, ZAC6810, ZAC6826, ZAC6827
  • Airmax ZAM6100, ZAM6101, ZAM6103, ZAM6104, ZAM6106, ZAM6107, ZAM6109, ZAM6116, ZAM6200, ZAM6210, ZAM6220, ZAM6230, ZAM6240, ZAM6250, ZAM6271, ZAM6280, ZAM6290
  • Bolido Z4500, Z4510, Z4520, Z4520T, Z4525, Z4535, Z4538, Z4590, Z4595, Z4595
  • Clario Z1900, Z1905, Z19051, Z19052, Z1910, Z1912, Z1915, Z1915M, Z1930, Z1931, Z1935, Z1940, Z1942, Z1943, Z1943M, Z1944, Z1944, Z1945,  Z1946, Z1947, Z1948, Z1948M, Z1955, Z1955M, Z1995, Z2000, Z2010, Z2015, Z2018, Z2020, Z2022, Z2025, Z2030, Z2030, Z2035, Z2036, Z2039, Z2040, Z2045, Z2048, Z2050, Z2060, Z2095
  • Cyclone Z5810, ZC6422, ZCX6422, ZCX6202
  • Cyclone XL ZCX6412
  • Ergospace ZE347, ZE2243, ZE2244, ZEG300
  • Excellio Z5030, Z5040, Z5045, Z5048, Z5228, Z5240, Z5245
  • Ingenio Z1570
  • Oxygen Z5515, Z5530, Z5533, Z5540, Z5560, Z5561, Z5621, Z5632, Z5635, Z5650, Z5915, Z5930
  • Oxygen Plus Z7320, Z7350, Z7351
  • Oxy3System ZO6320, ZO6330, ZO6350
  • PraxioZ6020, Z6030, Z6040
  • Power System
  • Superpro Z6160
  • Smart Vac
  • Twinclean Z8210, Z8215, Z8220, Z8222, Z8225, Z8230, Z8232, Z8235, Z8240, Z8245, Z8266, Z8273, Z8280
  • Ultra Active ZUA3810, ZUA3810P, ZUA3820, ZUA3820P, ZUA3830, ZUA3830P, ZUA3830PT, ZUA3831PT, ZUA3840, ZUA3860, ZUA3860P, ZUA3800, ZUAG3801, ZUAG3802
  • Ultra One Z8821P, Z8871P, Z90
  • Ultra One Green ZG8800
  • Ultra Silencer Z3328, Z3347, Z3357, Z3365, Z3372, ZUS3385, ZUSG3900, ZUSG3940P
  • Cyclonic Z5810, Z5810T, Z5820, Z5820T, Z5830, Z5830T, Z5835, Z5835T
  • UltraPerformer ZUP3862P, ZUP3832PT, ZUP3822P
  • UltraCaptic ZUC4102ANC, ZUC4102PET, ZUC4103DEL, ZUC4101AF
  • JetMaxx ZJM68FD1, ZJM6840
  • SuperCyclone ZSC6930, Dust and Gone ZSC69FD2

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Customer Reviews

Electrolux + Wertheim Washable Vacuum Cleaner Hepa Filter System (FILTS)
HEPA filter - it works
Yes, this supplier had good description, useful relevant photo's and good price. The order came quickly, and it was correct. My vacuum cleanr screams no more. Thank you! (Posted on 13/01/17)
Review by Graham, Oberon NSW
Very easy to find item and fast delivery too
The website is very straightforward to navigate and I found the item I required quickly and easily. Delivery service was efficient also.
Thankyou. (Posted on 28/11/16)
Review by mms
Fast delivery
Thanks for the fast delivery. (Posted on 19/11/16)
Review by Marianne

Add Your Question


My ZUA3821P has two extra filters in the exhaust area besides the h12 hepa. A square foam exhaust one (1180215020) and an irregular shaped. Are the foam and hepa filters to be used together? Do you have replacement for the irregular shaped filter pad?


Hi. To be honest, I am not 100% familiar with this model, besides the HEPA all we range in single filters are the foam filters with one of the corners cut off. We have two options: Electrolux Ultra Active Washable Foam Dust Bin Filter (2194113029) OR Electrolux Ultra Active Washable Foam Filter (VSETCHF0002).
Is this filter compatible with the zua3821p?
Hi Wes,
Yes this filter suits the Electrolux ZUA3821P

Can you advise how much the postage would be to send a hepa filter for a Wertheim 5030 to postcode 5725.

Thanking you
Hi Lisa,
The postage to 5725 is only $6.95
I notice the model this suits is ZCX6422 however my Electrolux is ZCX6412. The filter looks the same. Can I use this or the cheaper generic filter. Also how much to post o postcode 4555.
Thank you.
Hi Donna,
The ZCX6422 and the ZCX6412 both se teh same exhaust filter. It is fine for you to purchase the FILTS product it is exactly what I use in my machine.
I need a filter for a vacuum ELECTROLUX ULTRA ACTIVE ZUA 3820P.
Is the FILTS suitable for this machine?
Hi There Raul,
Yes it is suitable.
I need a filter for a vacuum ELECTROLUX ULTRA ACTIVE ZUA 3820P.
Is the FILTS suitable for this machine?
Hi Raul,
Yes the FILTS will suit the ZUA3820P
Will this fit a Wertheim 6035?
Hi Julie,
Yes this will fit a wertheim 6035
Hi will this filter suit an electrolux ecospace easyclean the filter number is 113 12 47-01
Hi Beatriz,
It is possible that this filter will suit your cleaner but you will need to read through the listing to check to see if the model number is mentioned under "This Product Suits:". If it is then you can order with confidence.
Regards, Scott.
Hi there
i have a Wertheim Model 5035 Vacuum cleaner can i wash the filter with warm soap-er water

cheers esther
Hi Esther,
I would normally use just plain water. If you use soapy just make sure it is rinsed super super well. To be honest I don't find washing to be very effective, i think an air compressor is far better or buy the cheaper generic version part number "FILTS" and just replace a little more often.
hi there,
which hepa filter would fit the electrolux cyclone XL ZCX 6422.
regards stephan
Hi Stephan,
The machine came with a EFH13W which we have in stock. However if you would like to save money we do also have a generic equivalent code FILTS
Will this filter suit an electrolux super cyclone model zsc6930?
Hi There,
Yes this filter will definately suit the Electrolx ZSC6930
will the filter suit electrolux model Z8273 twin clean thank you
Yes definitely this will suit all the twin clean models
will this filter suit my electrolux cleaner model number Z8273 twin clean thanks
Yes this will suit all the twin clean series
What would the postage be for item (GenEFH12W) and item (T197), to post code 2234. When is item (T197) due back in stock. Thanks.
Both the EFH12W and T197 are in stock now. Postage for 1 of each to 2234 would only be $6.05 with E-Parcel with free online track and trace.
is this filter compatible with the Electrolux 02 washable HEPA H12 filter 113 00 32-01. It looks the same.
Thanks for your help.
Hi there, Yes this is compatable with the Electrolux o2 Hepa H12
I am also looking for the filter 1 ( black sponge like filter) as well, Electrolux cyclone power vac. Do you stock these?
I have filters for every Electrolux that is current in their parts catalog.
However there were more than one model of Cyclone.
Can you have a look on the machine for a sticker with model number.
will this filter fit a electrolux ultractive cyclonic bagless vaccum cleaner
Yes it will fit perfectly
hi just wondering how much postage is for this filter, to pcode 4226? thanks
Hi There,
postage via e-parcel which includes online track and trace is only $4.75
HI will this filter fit an electrolux zua3860p.if not can you please tell me what will . Thanks Ross
Hi Ross,
This filter will replace the exhaust of the zua3860P.
Regards Alec
Does this filter fit an electrolux Z8240 cyclonic twin clean vacuum cleaner. It currently has an washable hepa H12 filter 1130032-03
Hi there,
Yes this will fit the entire twin clean series.
Hi, Cna you please tell me the measurements of this filter? Thanks
Hi there The dimensions of the front facing are 148mm x 119mm, the dimensions of the rear (where it would be inserted) is 137mm x 108mm. Total depth of filter is 23mm.
I have a Electrolux twin clean
cyclonic with power head not sure of model no (can we find it on vacumn)has hepa h12 filter part no1130032-03 need this filter and the two washable cyclinder filters.Can you help

Hi there,
Yes the filters you need are
EF78 and
EFH12W or GenEFH12W
The round are the EF78.